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In today's Podcast I'm with Rafael Betts, we talk about covid-19, passion, mindset, Podcast, mentoring, social media, life, people, happiness, comfort zones, society. Instagram@Bettsrafael --- Send in a voice message:

Hi, and welcome to the past, to this podcast and today's episode. I'm with Raphael Bess is, a coach, mentor motivational speaker with lots of work experience in the sales sector. In today's episode we talked about life, Mindset, coaching, happiness, the current situation covid nineteen and following your passion. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. Yeah, I was wearing it to go to the shop early. I just forgot to take it off. Quite cozy. Yeah, are you doing? Yeah, yeah, well, good. Yeah, just being quite busy really, just trying to make the most of the situation, if you know. To me. Yeah, just basically working on a podcast during the online course and kind of working on my website really and just chilling out and reading and, you know, kind of trying to use my time productively and, you know, so shoving out as well. Yeah, it's very important that. It's very important. You know, gotta this is a very particular time for anybody in our range. For sure, range anyway, mean no one that, probably no one that we know that the live has been through anything like this before. So you know, no matter which direction you go after room is saying great idea, the other Hafter of the room is like horrible idea. Yeah, you know, and you just kind of just tossing balls in the air hope to lay the right spot. So, yeah, it's a great time to take some time to enter, to reflect the internally, yeah, and really look at yourself and say, Hey, you know, what am I doing here? I doing the right things, you know, making progress? Am I going to the right direction this for I want to be today, this W I'm looking at being the borrow, stuff like that. So I think it's a really, really good time for a lot of people that are, you know, too many people get caught up. They get caught up in the moment, they get caught up in in life, they get kind up the things that are unproductive, and so I think this kind of gives them a chance to settle down a little bit, slow down, pump the brakes. Yeah, okay, maybe maybe that person that right. For me, Mabe, that negotiations that right. Maybe that business is a right. So I think it's actually I think humanity will come out of this a lot better when it's over with. Men for sure down. Yeah, no, I definitely. I think like it's a stressful time in it. It's a time where it causes you to reflect. Like you said, none of us have been through this before and I think like there's so much downtime and there's so much opportunity for us to look at our current situation and, like you said, people on your energy. You know, what is it that you you want to do? You know what what have you been doing before this happens, that being serving you and things like that. Yeah, yeah, it's a big deal. You know, too many times people get caught up in the speed of things, right, and they don't. You know, at some...

...point you got to kind of just stop and analyze what you're doing. Yeah, and is what you're doing being productive and it's it helps when you reach your goals and objectives. And if it is, then great, keep on pressing, keep on grinding, you know, don't take your shoot off the gas petal. But too many times, you know, you drive a hundred miles an hour, you forget to look left, you forget to look right and see what's around you sometimes. I think this is good time for a lot of people and I think a lot of people are really good at yeah, you know, it gives people, some people time to read, which is fit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I completely agree, and I think like the way societies being up until now, like, okay, like technology and things like that, as being great for I think in terms of work, it's almost like we've probably been over over working, almost, you know, we've just been grinding our gears, like you said, doing a hundred miles an hour and not necessarily thinking much about our actions and the impact over actions on people on the planet and things that happening because we're yeah, yeah, I mean like, yeah, yeah, totally for sure that. I think. Like you know, I don't know how it is over there, but just a small levels here. You know, pollution levels are just way down, you know. I mean you can actually breathe. The air's like cool in the morning here every day. The humidities down, you know, and then when you do get out of it, I'm still working, so I have to get out a little bit here there. Yeah, yeah, and just people's added attitude is so different. You know, there're a lot more cautious, lot more conscientious. You know, whether it's forced or not, but you know, hey, if you for somebody to do something for a few weeks, it becomes a habit. So you know, I'm a big proponent of there's never a bad type of manners. So should always be to like always do time to people. So, yeah, you know, and I see that in your post as well, like you got quite not quite positive posts and what you're saying and I sent on Instagram and it's really nice and, like you said, it's important to be like that people, isn't it? You know, what you give out you get back, and I think this is made people more mindful of the people around them and their neighbors and things like done, you know, asking if the neighbors are okay. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah, thanks for that. But yeah, I think if you, I think if you, if you really truly care about yourself as a human and you're happy with who you are and you're you're confident about that, I think a lot of that really exudes to other people and it's attractive to people, because a lot of people are just, I don't want think they're lost your maybe they're just walking around with a patching, a patch where they're not quite seen everything clearly. Yeah, you know, I mean I think I have an amazing day. Every day, dude, every single day I mean there isn't a day to have a bad day, right, even even if I have a you know, had losses as family members, like we all have, right. Yeah, yeah, those days are still pretty magical because you got to look at what's the positive side of everything, because there is something good in every situation, you know. Yeah, and you know how I had a post that I made in that somebody I was talking to made the comment that I made. There's eighty six thousand four hundred moments in a day and you know, don't let one of those moments ruin your day, right. I mean if you had eighty six thousand four hundred dollars or pounds or euro in your account and you dropped one of the gutter, you wouldn't freak out, you know, you wouldn't. You wouldn't be like, Oh my God, by the... is over and lost the dollar. You wouldn't freak out, you know. So. So why that one moment in a day really change the entire mindset your behavior for the whole day? Just doesn't make intense. Yeah, you know. So. I think people put so much value on things that are not important and not value out of things that are. And when you realize what's truly important, you can really reflect and really be content with who you are, and then everything else you just falls in the place that. I mean, it really does. So that's how my whole idea thinks about. is just really preaching positivity and, you know, mentoring people, and I've been asked to get into some coaching and do some coaching for people, and it's really just about sending a good message out there. Yeah, you know, I started this thing about that can August the last year. Yeah, and it all came about I was asked to do semestry for a special group and I firstally didn't necessarily think I don't whole lot to say, but apparently, you know, after you know, I've got thirty years of sales experience and have been pretty successful in my run. So yeah, you know, I started kind of measuring some the younger people and just kind of have a discussions and it's just evolved from there. It's been very, very organic, you know, getting some preod feedback on Instagram, police platform that I'm right now. So yeah, and it's totally new to me. I still, you know, I got to go to my sixteen year OL daughter be like hey, how do I make this post? You know, how do I do this? Yeah, you know, but it's all learning for me and, you know, being able to reach people. I mean just like you have hear your cross upond. I mean, I would have never been able to make contact with somebody like you there was a frig. So it's a pretty good platform. Yeah, yeah, no, massively and I'll completely agree with you, know what you said, and I think like social media is quite an amazing platform and, you know, like it's a good way of connect them with people, kind of funding your try, if that makes sense, like kind of finding the people death you really vibe with. Like you said, it's old gun in reach, isn't it? It's not like you have to pay to use it's fine and people is it's just cheating out of tuning into it and looking, you know, right. And it's great that you do mentum as well. I mean, what kind of is like go you into the like you use doing sales for quite a few years. What kind of lie that shift? That's someone like suggest it or yeah, I mean I've always had, you know, people in my life where I've been able to Condel, met on and, you know, seek advice you know, business advice or justlife advice, and it's always kind of been there for me. Right and then I've always found myself giving people advice and try to get in the right direction and, you know, people seem to be drawn and want to ask me my opinion on things. And so about a year ago there's a young professionals group here in south Florida and they were like hey, we would really, really like it to be card thistental program for us, and I kind of thought about it and, you know, got some more details. We had a couple discussions about it. You know what I'm in let's give it a shout, let's do what happens and we'll go from there. And so they send me up with a couple of people in their group and it's just evolved from there and it's been a good impact for them. It's been a great impact for me and mean it's ridiculously humbling for me. Yeah, because you realize that you know, your your words, your actions, your behave of you're I mean you're literally positively changing someone's life, you know, and it's so it's a huge responsibility as well. You know, you got to be really careful, which to tell people and how you say it, how you really a message. Yeah, so, you know, that's super, super imports and I'm actually bar I'm actually getting some... done on my truck. So, yeah, I sorrow my buddy's office here. I'm like, Hey, I got to talk with this Jaff so, yeah, yeah, that's a space for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it's the responsibility alone. It's just massive. And so you've got to be, I think you, emotionally and professionally have to be prepared for that. Yeah, because a lot of times people are going to take that. Whatever you tell them, they're going to take the heart. I mean they're going to go, they're going to apply it, they're going to put its use. Yeah, and so, because it doesn't always have to work, just has to be a life experience for them. So, and it's kind of involved from there. It's just been that. I mean I mean that over the last year I've work work with about a dozen people nice and just kind of evolved and, you know, had some people reach out here. You should be consider coaching. You should really think about that. I'm like, you know, I'm not going to go back to school and get a certified life coaches, serving, you know, stuff like that, and like it's not even required. It's just about, you know, teaching people life experience. So I think kind of looking at that a little bit invention into that. Yeah, and see, I'm a little apprehensive discharge people for it. Yeah, just because it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, you know. Yeah, but I realized that, you know, time is valuable. You know what? I think that, you know, at some point, you know, you know, maybe a little bit later down to my career, I will. Yeah, I love to be a public speaker and speak it for big corporations, in groups, yeah, the country, around the world for that matter. So that I definitely want to do. So I think this is just going to be a stepping stone in the process for me. Yeah, and you know, continue on with with where I'm going. And I had one but one of it, that book, back after March, which obviously, with this covid thing, was canceled. Yeah, and then I have another book in shoot right now. So, you know, puns out and those are factually pain that so, which is pretty cool. Yea, yeah, Nas, it's great. I mean, like you said, it'll be positive for sure. Yeah, yeah, so that message for me is is really just about HMM. So he's still that just frogs. Yeah, so I know you, Sula. So him me loves to there for YE, yes, I can see now. Yeah, no, it's great, and I think it's like going into that field and mentoring like you me. Yeah, yeah, not in that fielding men. Yeah, I can. Yeah, okay, switch the for juice. Yeah, I can hear you. Know. Yeah, I can't see you, but I can, I can hear you. Other go. Yeah, that's fine. Yeah, hear me. Yeah, I can hear you. That's fine. Yeah, it's all good. You can hear you. Okay. Yeah, so a good yeah, okay, yeah, with the US there the connection of flay. Yeah, we're good now. Yeah, all good. Yeah. So the because you're not about the mentoring, like I suppose you didn't. That opens up a lot of doors and you saying like you don't, you don't want to. He said, like with the mentoring, opens lots of doors and it's something you just come like for yourself, into a, like you said, with the people you work with. Their influenced... you, know, your actions and the words that you say, and it's quite a powerful, you know, way of working. With someone but, like you said, you didn't want to like charge and things like that, and that's something that's always very controversial. Light Singing in coaching and mentoring is like. Well, I've been doing coaching for a couple of years and I if I work as someone, I just kind of like say, just give me a donation, you know, because I'm still gaining experience. But I think it's down to the person's our own discretions, you know, take so you broke up. Yeah, I think there comes a I think that with with the fee comes a certain expectation, right, and so you got to do it careful with how you do that. I think the donation actual actually a really good idea. That's great, you know. But yeah, I mean look, kind is very valuable and you know, there's a there's a difference between being smart and being wise. Yeah, and you have the opportunity to gain a lot of wisdom, whether it applies directly to your not a lot of them, and not have to take theirs to get it. I mean, the other's value to that, right, there's guide to that. So, you know, it's in my business. I mean, I don't yeah, I mean that's the standard, right if you, if you, it's cost you to get my attention. So yeah, so you develop a reputation and you could do that. So I think at some point you to probably get to that place where, you know, if you want some coaching, you want to spend you want to hang up and work through some things that I think get to that where there's some financial obligation. But for now I'm just not feel sure about it. You know. Yeah, so, and plus men, I really like people, you know. Yeah, one of these each individuals. It doesn't like to be around people. Yeah, of course, I really enjoy so like to learn to look for people and, yeah, get different INS and you know. So. So for me it's I don't want to call a home, but it's certainly something that I'm exploded more and more. So yeah, no, that's it. And you know, like, as long as you're hote, you know what you're doing and you're passionate about it, then people see that and they'll be more likely to be drawn here as compared if you saying all you know, I want the money and all the rest of it. People notice and it won't be like as will send it just constantly, you know, doing something for the money and not right. Well, I think that's the why, right. Yeah, you know, why do people who do what they do? You know, and they do you go to the gym and work out every day because you want six back apps, because you want to get late? Or do you do it because you go work out because you want to be healthy and the sick back apps are just a by product of you being conscious of your personal health and if it happens to get you baked and great, you know. Yeah, you know, it's all about the big why. And you know, why do you do it? To do so? Yeah, I think that's you know, it's funny. That's one of the things that I really pride myself on is being really authentic and genuine. And you know, you'll look at my ige. You know, I don't post all...

...the time, you know, and it's just pretty random. But it's sound cut. There's no edits. It's you know, if you really pay attention you'll see I'll drop some some words that are just aren't pronounced correctly. Yeah, yeah, getting my point across. It's just me, man, this is it. This is what you get, you know, here I am, yeah, completely the best excuse that any human being being has. Yeah, it's already built in. It's saying we're huge or human, we're going to make mistake. You know, it's what you take about and grow from it. If you could do that, then you'll be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were yesterday. So that's the whole goal, man. Yeah, no, I I completely agree, and I think like asking yourself, why is it that you're doing this, doing that? It's a very simple, what's the word? It's a very simple, like way of reframing your thinking. You know, it's quite a powerful way of reframe you thinking. Why am I doing? When you start doing that, it starts opening up like now's and connections, especially if you're coaching somebody. You know why or how is like it gets people thinking and it's so important people. Yeah, absolutely, your hundred percent correct. Men, to hoopbout process is like the biggest deal for Chin to figure out how to better yourself, right. I mean, if you're you know, I do an exercise with people and I take a sheet of paper to have a draw line right down the middle. You know, one side it says who am I and on the other side is who am I? Not Real simple. You know, I kind of go through the exercise form for a few minutes and I tell them I don't want to know anymore. You take it homets so that you do any time. And you know one has figured out yet what that means in the very, very beginning and they say what do you mean? I said, well, who are you not? I I don't know what you mean. That's okay, ask you a question. Are you a liar? Then you're not a liar. But and it's so much easier for people to write down the things that they're not in it is for them to write down the things that they are. It's because they don't know who they are, you know. And you know, when you do this exercise with that twenty to twenty five year old, it's pretty dure at it because they it's almost depressing that times, because they figure out real quickly they have no stricky to yeah, you know, and I like this. Don't feel bad. Don't feel bad because when I was at twenty five years old, I had no idea what I was. You I thought I do and that I had idea right, but I'm such a different person today that I was twenty years ago. You know, and I was a different person. That's twenty five. That are what a fifteen. So, you know, it's a great exercise that you every once in a while. It just put it down o paper and it really helps you kind of, you know, keep on track and make sure you grown. They going in the direction you want to go. Yeah, now's awesome. I mean, I've never heard of outsize us. That's quite a good way of putting it across somebody, isn't it? And it really gets people thinking and it's pretty crazy. Lot You said, like people know the things that they don't do rather than the thing that they the things through they are. And we, like you said, we're going to go through life and we don't know our Sol was fully because probably we might avoid things, get destructed by things and we're following someone else's possible you think. Absolutely, absolutely. And here's a cool thing about that exercise. Right, let's just say you said a calendar date every single year for the back same day to do that exercise. Right, you should be somewhat unfamiliar with the version...

...that you are at the time to do the exercise. That's right. It is not. You're not growing, you know, changing. If you're, if you did. If you write, if you save that list for a decade, he had ten should be a familiar ten times are up. If you right down the exact same thing on ten sheets of paper over a decade and you've made it hero human progress. Yeah, crazy. I mean, I think like as well, Pete a lot a lot of his where creatures a Hobbit on where we find it hard to incorporate new routines into our life and new things, and that's ultimate shifted and it's like stepping how you come to zone, doing something though and getting to know yourself, isn't it? I mean, yeah, absolutely, a hundred percent man, without a doubt, the magic HAP. Yeah, yeah, and you go, I mean, and that's how you grows. And like I what, like you said, that that why I kind of use something similar, say, if I if I'm going for a run or something's challenging, I kind of asked myself, what am I getting from this? You know, what what is this give? What is this teaching? You know, how can or how can I grow from this, isn't it? It's like if you're if you're other you guys, good gym or something like that, and something's hard instead, it's being I can't do this, it's painful. You know why? Why is it painful? Like, what am I going to gain from this? And, like you said, that's that how. Not Why? So about how? And I want people absolutely, absolutely undercent without a doubt, without a doubt, that if you don't, if you don't think about why you do something, of how you're going to do something, then you're just following somebody else's footsteps. You are not digging in, you're not even your footprinto the world and you just not get else and and everybody. The beauty of human beings is that they're built to win. You're built to win, I'm built to win. That's the way we're built. We're not built sitting gave somewhere to corner. It's just come up in the corner and just stray away from the world. That would build you know. And so and some people just suffer with confidence. You know I do. Every day I think about something to put this post out the world and, you know, myself, any lights, hit myself. It's not why. I'm doing this right and it's not why. And I catch myself and you know, okay, in the still destruct the role you know, I'll go back and I'll look and I'll scroll through and I'll see, you know, which which post had more views or like just out of okay, what's the message of my saying the right message, my my connecting with the right people? You know, and when I started the whole thing and I diat with if I can impact one person's life, just one positively, that says to me, Hey, thank you, I needed that. Those are awesome. I appreciate it. Whatever. And you know, sure, Shit. First Post I did a message from some person out in California. Wow, I really needed that. Thank you so much. You made my day and I was like we're right, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. Now on Pos that I've done, you know. So you know, just and it's you know, it's been enjoyable interact people. So it's yeah, how to walk. I when I...

...started it in January this year and I basically I've always wanted to do one for some time. I watched a lot of Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan podcast. Yeah, really got into his and I was like thinking about, you know, how I am as a person. I like to talk to people. I'm people person, and I was thinking perhaps I could do that. I I kind of put it off for a while because I was afraid and I was like, we know what a people going to think, you know, and I didn't do it for a while. So I put it off and then I just ended up finding out by anchor. Somebody mentioned anchor. Yeah, and I listened to Gary V and Gary v Said, you know, just reach out to people and the Rock or Gary v put something on Instagram and it was like a like a post where people can connect and I put on the podcast. Is anyone interested? And then people start getting in touch and I did a podcast of this lady and she had like a business in carbon fiber making art. So I did that the first time and I got out there and then I just continue to push myself out there a little bit, you know, and some something, a time went by and I didn't do it for a couple of weeks and I remember Joe Rogan said them for like you've got to be consistent with them, you know, because like a muscle. So I, yeah, just kind of built them a bit of momentum really and what I've kind of set up is is that a podcast where I can connect with people, you know, from all walks or any walk alife. You know, see what they're about, you know, like yourself, and how we're doing this and what they do, what their passion is, and you know, if someone in out there in the world can take something positive from the podcast, you know, and build new connections. And I've been, I've been using like Linkedin a lot actually. Yeah, and I've just been reaching out even more and I you know, I think I've been afraid and held myself back for so long. I just kind of think, you know, like what I got to lose? You know, I'm in and I remember my my girlfriend said to me one day. She was like, you don't ask, so if you don't go for it, yances known, if you go for it, bence is going to be yes or no, but you still gonna get you know, wanted the two that I mean absolutely, and she's she was an hundred percent right. Dude, if you don't try them, know you know no doubt, and it's that fear, that doubt. You know, probably there was ye a little bit of emotion there where you were worried about what people were going to think about you as a human instead of listening to the content. Right and yeah, the fact that you've decided to take this topic form and say, Hey, I'm going to deliver this, I'm going to put information in the universe. Right. Yeah, it's there for you, for you to go fop find. It's there, say, for you to go listen to. Yeah, and if it affects you positively, awesome. If it affects you, if it affects you negatively, you know what. You know what? That's kind of it's kind of awesome to because it's still in that right. Well, yeah, we're there. May Be that gets them on the right track to where they're trying to get. You know, yeah, it's define people that...

...come on to show. You know, a lot of them are their selfbot there talk about themselves about but you know, a lot of it's just about, you know, his constant search for you know, this constant search for knowledge. You know, yeah, I think it's great because he doesn't it doesn't he doesn't make it about itself. You know, it's hey, here's this, here's this individual is going to get on my show today, and you got to hit the message here with the contest that is, HMM, your podcast. You know what? That is very first one. You had your friends on there and she's just sort friends net. Your kind of a little bit fumbling around with okay, you know, and then I listened to you know, which is kind of cool, man, because it was really just it was almost like, Hey, this is me, these are my friends, and we're right. Let's just talk about it, let's just be positive about it. That was a pretty good it is pretty cool and I just I've been listening to this last one you put out with it. We should tea, I think. Artist. Yeah, yeah, and your evolution. Yeah, your past in your interaction with your death so much better and it's such a show for a period of time. It's pretty cool. It's pretty cool that you should just keep going and keep rocking it. Yeah, no, I really really appreciate that, Raphael, and really means a lot, really really kind of you. And Yeah, it's it's crazy how things grow, isn't it? My I see, like you said, I'm not really too aware of that because I you know, it's like I'm just doing it. I'm, you know, to mean, I don't see it from a third person view. I'm just kind of doing it. So it can surprise me sometimes when you know not what you just said I'm Oh, yeah, wow, like I didn't think of that. Yeah, people can attention. It's like it's I think you're doing a good thing and I think it's just about it. It all comes down to cause the other day, you know, and you know that's what those platforms are for, and you know what you take that, how you involve that into something else. It's just going to be up to you and how you decide to do it. It turns out there. You know that becomes you're likely that. You know all that. You Know It brings more coaching opportunities for you. Awes. Yeah, Great. So real process and being happy with who you are what you do. You know, not getting ahead of yourself. You know, you get anxiety and its apprehension, because you should see yourself in this place where you're speaking in front of us, you know, a hundredzero people, thirtyzero people in auditorium and you're giving these conferences and you're talking. You can see yourself doing that. The reality is right now, you're talking five right, yeah, and you're and you're wondering why, why you're not talking to those Twentyzero and Pi dive, and the reality is that that's just where you were in that process. You're not in the Twentyzero people yet. You know, you got there yet. So people can get it a little anxious, a presive and getty to get rushed in patient, and that's human nature. You know, society. They want everything now. So exercising patients, especially with your own personal growth, is a big deal. M So, you know, I think you should keep you going, to keeping long a great job. Funk you rough way. All really really means a lot. Really appreciate that and my it's I that's finished one to being the hardest things for me because I I like to hit the ground rain as a person in a lot...

...of vars and, like you said, lives doesn't work like that and it's it's being hard to lot, you know. So I'm very full of energy and I like to, you know, hear the ground running and it's being like, you know, a test by, you know, learning that interesting the process and being patient and not looking at the end goal, because you don't enjoy as much. I've learned. You know. It's about, like you said, learning the process and just being humble with where you are. And I what a lot what you said with people coaching like, you know, like you want to be coaching a hundred people or whatever straight away? Yeah, yeah, it's so colm, but you got to be patient. I mean that. I think you. I think you, I think you get it. I think you're get it right, like you know what to say things. That kills me. I have a teenage daughter, but she loves, loves music, you know, and I don't think music said I liked genres. It's all about new for me. How I feeling of the kind of you don't listen to that day. And so we got to a lot of conscious and what kills me to those who go to concert is when people sit there with their phones and their tall concerts like may you totally miss the point. You know what you're there to see and you're going to go back and look at it on a little screen on your phone later on. I hope that you can't say feeling you're not going to hear out so black. So I think it's the same analogy for like you know, yeah, you always want to be you want to record everything and be able to look back and say, Hey, look at music, at my pomplishment, and the reality is just that, you know, you got to enjoy those things as you know, your work ass out for work eighty ninety hours a week. You know, you're up all night to work in you work all the weekends, you do anything you got to do. You can get it. You kind of have to enjoy that ninety hour work recent that. Yeah, really enjoy, enjoy and be able to celebrate the success, because part of success is the profits getting from pointed to point bt. To celebrate that in between, you know, and it makes it easier. It's not about passion and being inspired. It's really about you know, you know, learn to compete with yourself. You know, competing against the world, that competing for ratings, that competing for followers, that compe for likes. You're just competing for yourself to be a better human being. and Are you winning or are you losing? That's it. HMM. Yeah, no, I completely agree, and it's it's like being that's any way yesterday, isn't it in some way with what you said, like with concerts and music? Like it's crazy because I saw an old video on youtube, you know, Bob Dylan. It is like nineteen sixty four and he's on stage live with his his guitar and his harmonica and is like no smartphones inside and everyone's just sat down. The crowd, everyone just sat there all together, just like looking down. Isn't watching, you know. And in the moment I was like like, you rarely see that now unless someone giving a tool from plays. But but you know what's funny is that it's so much about about perspective, because somebody had sent me a picture, probably a couple months back, February mark, somewhere in there, and they was kind of odd because I had made a post about, you know, just kind of looking in and it just enjoying the moment, right, and some a friend of mine, send me a picture. He's like you're going to get a kick out of this, and... it was a picture of a group of younger people and they were all sitting are out a coffee table, or there's on the subway. There was in New York subway and they're also in the subway and they're all left in their felt. Yeah, yeah, and then next to that was a picture of the same subway car, maybe not the exact same carpets, the subway car, and they were both taken to New York and it was like s for fifty somewhere in there and everybody's on subway with the newspaper up. So fifty years ago they weren't interacting either, you know, you weren't going and stepping outside the box. So how much evolution has society had in fives, Sixty, seventy years? Like it's almost like we're the same people we were fifty years ago, and it's like, I want to be that guy. You know, that's the one thing I don't want to be. I don't want any of my friends and family to look at me on the day that I die and say, man, he was so consistent, it was the guy's entire like yeah, I don't want that, you know. I want people to look back and say that every risk, every chance, you put it, stuff out there all the time, consciously was he also was such a different person than when I met it thirty years ago, you know, and I think that that's what most people want. They just either don't have the courage to do it or they don't know how to do it, you know, and usually people that have courage to make change, to take risk, will take it and they make a shit out of mistakes, you know, and they'll keep going to going to, going to go in there constantly of all, you know, because just a little bit of compet yeah, and results of the best motivator. HMM. Yeah, that's crazy. Lot what you said. Like I completely agree with you said. It just shows you how kind of humanity can get. Still can not rotmas just thinking the same way and behave in the same way. And a lot how little people steps a sage from the crowd. That's like when you even being a little bit on the ground, on the too, so outside the man. Never Been, never been so nice. You know, when this is blown over, like I try, and it's similar on the on the grounds of the New York to the Metro, people packed full of people, probably more so than the makeum and the people are on their phones. There's people like with the newspapers. And when I was doing my coaching course, I had to go looking for my Auntie, lives in Twickman, and I took a book. I took a book. Can I you know? I'd read a book or sometimes, you know, talk to people on that or try and talk to people on if you talk to people, they look at you like what you doing, like it's almost alien. Yeah, yeah, and like if you're not careful you end up being soaked into. Like, I'm going to go my phone as well, because they're on that firm. Yeah, yeah, because, yeah, and if you don't feel like there's an area, should feel comfortable. So, yeah, actually get it the same thing, you know, and it doesn't change. I think that's just kind of you know, you can be that now percentage of one percent. You know, I just choose to be the one to say, yeah, it's my one percent makes makes better human being satisfied. It for every day worried about I'm good man. Yeah, and it's it hasn't been about the money for weeks, really really long time. Yeah, you know, I figured out that.

You know, I don't need thirty five pairs of teams or a hundred pairs of speakers. You know. Yeah, there's a time I know by two or three L xes and have a hundred pair of sneakers and then I would tell myself word and steaker. So, yeah, yeah, that's crazing, isn't it? Like, I think we're all. So. I think we you, I watch as well, Union Sky v content and so as surely has a captive and I think he's I think where where. You know, he's preach it right. He's preaching that it's not about the money, right, but I think that's one of his platforms. I think the other platform is where he was just you know, these guys businesses that's running and obviously guys can be profitable and out prossable. I don't know. But I think he's content. I think he's happy with is and what's doing. So, yeah, think anybody's position is well, yeah, because he got a chat with this guy and this guy was like you think it was a Mut to you, Gary v and the guy came on and he's like how old are you use a thirty fives or what do you do? is like our deliver pieces. He's like you happy, and he's like yeah, I love it, and he's like he would like you want. He's like you like you've wanted. You know, doesn't matter what you do. Is it is on? Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. It come the money, in the houses, in the cars, and that can happen real quick. Actually set a girl, you know, you might have a million dollar home and the every being the drive, but you it's actually all in that. Yeah, you know. So, yeah, I think it's important there to be happy and to be Conte with you. You're human. So that's really went all about for me? Yeah, because I had a call, I had a conversation with a friend and I was talking to him, and this is during was lockdown, and he was talking about like, you know, work and stuff, because he's in the hospitality industry, you know, which I've been working in quite a lot of as well, hotels, and obvious because of this, is all closed down. And he was like saying, like, you know, hasn't been happy doing it, and he's like, you know, I've got old you know, he's got, he's got his money and the bank that he he's got is a quiet for doing somebody doesn't enjoy. He's so I can't even use them right. He's like with the I says, I've got money, I can't can. Yeah. So was like, well, I you know, I need to figure a figure something out that I enjoy, you know, like you just thinks, like a look at the penny dropped. Almost well, comes money and I've been doing some one I hate and can't use it. And that's the thing, isn't it a lot of people doing something, chasing the money to buy the latest thing. I mean where we've all been guilty of it. We everybody does. Yet we like the latest phone or you know, I've got the latest Google Pixel and I wanted it. So I'm guilty of it. So there's no not balance, isn't it? Like I asked myself. Do you need it or do you want to? Like I play boys, long as as long as you answer that question honestly, it's okay. Yeah, you didn't. You didn't need that. I thought you just wanted for whatever reason, whatever features or you know, you wanted it. As long as you answer that question honestly. Is it something that I need or is it something that I want? Right, and if you need it, there's no argument as a discussion.

There's no further concept, there's no further conversation about it. Don't do Chry to do get because you need it, was something you want, then you have to ask yourself that why question right and if you can answer it honestly, I want this brand new phone because I want everyone to see that I got it and I'll be a hundred percent on it and that's what I want. Okay, yeah, table, go for it, you know. So I think it's just being honest with yourself makes a big difference. Making sure you make a decisions on your moral comforts makes a big, big difference. Yeah, so I think that's really kind of words. All that. So I would love to keep talking for an hour. Oh Wow, it's been a wow. Is Great connecting to you, but I definitely have to do it again some time. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Let's do this podcasting topics and let's do it. Yeah, course, mom, sounds good. All right, take care of yourself, keeping it. Yeah, course, take easy, all right, brother,.

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