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The Parrsitivity Podcast #Episode 68 Sarfaraz Ahmad


In today's episode I'm joined once again with Sarfaraz for our weekly podcast together, in today's episode we talk about Happiness & Immunity --- Send in a voice message:

Hither. My name is Adam Po and the podcast host posity to podcast. In this podcast, you will be listened to me connect with people from different walks of life, from the military to people in the music industry, to people in the self help industry and many other areas of life. In this podcast I'll be talking about topics from self help, mental health, motivation, spirituality, mindset, society, current affairs and much, much more. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, share and let me know your feedback. And my main intention on this podcast is to have a positive impact for you, the lit the listener, to take something positive from it, to apply something positive into your life from this. Now with without further ado, let's go to podcast and enjoy. Hi, and welcome to policy to podcast. In this episode I'm joined again with Suff for us for our weekly podcast. In this episode we talk about happiness and immunity and how to look after yourself, eating the right foods, doing the right exercises and being the best that you can be and making sure that you're at your highest level of health. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. It's up for us. Can you hear me? Hello, I do, and you're right. Can you em me right? Hello, hi, hi, yeah, Adam, good evening. How are you? You're right, thank you for asking. How are you good? Goods, yeah, I'm very well. Thank you. House. How's your week? Because I don't hear you. Can you hear me now? Yes, yes, I can hear you better now. Yeah, sometimes my for Geez better than my Wifi. Sometimes it varies. Yeah, same, pureful. Is Not? That not that good? Actually, you know, it's pretty off and on. Yeah, no, it's depends, for in the location and the web loss different things. House, how's your week being? It's been good, Adam, it's been very good. Thank you for asking. Working hard a week on week and as India is opening up now, we are positive that. You know, it gives us a new opportunities to come out and do better in life. So...

...the word is hope. To Your Pot podcast, I want to pass on this message that we should be hopeful for this new world to open in a positive manner. HMM, yeah, I know, I I completely agree and I think like especially here in the UK, we're starting to open up like bakeries, Cloe, you know, retail stores, cloving stores. Seeing that this being massive cues of people, though, queuing up to go into primark and lots of these high street stores, which is pretty crazy, but people are shopping down so it's hard to stop people from shopping, Uh Huh. But I yeah, I think, like I said, this is, you know, lots of new opportunities and think, you know, moving forward will be a lot more better and positive. Yeah, it should be. It should be. I hope. I hope that people get jobs and get back their salaries that they were taking in the past and the New Year two thousand and twenty gets better up to June, in July and for five months to finish the year. I hope it does out to be productive for everybody, including US. MMM MM yeah, no, I definitely agree. I think, like you can only can, only come back stronger from this really, yeah, because humanity is affected, mankind is inside now, mankind comes back to the streets. I know there will be problem of emissions and pollution and everything, but we have to keep in mind the climate change, the new world, the two thousand and twenty, the second half of it, with a new beginning with the word called hope, and I hope everybody gets new opportunities for a better life because we have a lot to learn in two thousand and twenty, like if something happens again like this in the future, how we prepared with the immune system, with a healthy lifestyle, against any virus, whether it's corona, whether it's influenza, whether it's in serious, you know, diseases. It's all about immune system or healthy habits, a healthy lifestyle. That we decided to start a topic of first podcast topic today. HMM, myself here saying that healthy ways are the only way to strengthen your immune system and the first line of your defense is a healthy lifestyle. Yeah, now, I completely Gore. I think you know how we live our lives and our lifestyle. You know what we choose to eat or diet, how we choose to exercise. You know, all of these activities kind of come together to, you know, build our immune system down and I think, like said, like this very important with you know what's happening, to keep you know, keep immune systems on. Percent are okay. Yes, and I believe a healthy lifestyle is very important for any immune system to be stronger. So there are various ways that, you know, I've read and research like how do you get a better immune system because everybody talks about virus, says, and how strong you are and how quick you are, is your wb seed, which is the white blood cells in our body, fit enough to fight against any virus? So, you know, there are different ways to do a live a healthy lifestyle. To begin with, how it smoking? One shouldn't smoke, and having a very good diet, vegetables, HMM, problem, lookouts and exercise regularly, even walking, and maintaining a...

...healthy weight, because obese people are actually, you know, more prone to getting more diseases, if they know. That's what people say and science says. And people who drink alcohol should actually drink in in moderate ways. And, most importantly, healthy lifestyle is having adequate sleep and minimize express you agree to this point? Yeah, no, I completely agree. I find that, yeah, like the people who are overweight, which then leads to diabetes, which stand leads to many other problems. I think more people died from coronavirus who are overweight then I think in some areas they was talking about that people with asthma or risk, but I think in some places they found that ask moves lot the lowest and, like you said, people are overweight and diabetes and things like that will with more risk, even though this is a virus that affects people's, you know, breathe, how they breathe, the breathing. So just goes to show how boards of you know is to be active and healthy. And Yeah, it's highlights a lot. Yeah, this breeding problems, you know, has taken a spike during this covid nineteen and the people who are having lung problems are more prone to the disease, as that's what science and doctors are saying. M and immune system, you know, it starts from a healthy habit and I've been talking about it and I've been writing about it as well, Addam, on my blog and you read it on our professional website, which is linked in. Yeah, I regular right about fitness, because healthy ll be way, is the way to be stronger in life and increasing immunity is no way out unless you have a healthy lifestyle. Even stress, you know, really good, contributes to your immune system. If you too much of stress, not living a healthy life, you're having a lack of sleep. It is all interrelated and somehow from proportional. You know, immune system, your health, how strong you are from within. If you don't smoke, you have a healthy lung and if you have a healthy lung you can fight any disease. HMM. That day I was reading Adam about influenza and right nineteen. They are similar, but it's just that the symptoms of this pandemic corona virus comes after ten to twelve days, right, so when sized people days. So I don't know where this virus coming from, but it's it has changed the way we live and now we have to change the way we think about our health, make it, you know, better in life, with a stronger immune system, because it is immune system which actually protects you from everything that is in the environment, not just Rona virus. Everybody is bored of this coronavirus term, but we have to understand this one virus has changed everything in this century. It's a history, it's a story. I'm going to be written in the book and we, the part of this generation, is a part of this pandemic. So we have stories to tell in the future, our kids, in the future generations to come. We have to make sure that they have a strong immune system, HM, so that they can fight any virus if something comes up like this again, because now we know it. We were not prepared. We were not prepared. Are we now? We have to make sure people in the coming future are prepared, and that comes only by good health and good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Yeah, no, I completely agree...

...with sut roles and I think we wasn't prepared at all. I think we've got more preparations in place and there's more research in place in certain areas with, you know, in Bire research and viruses, the in health department. There's more money, I think, you know, is going to be going towards certain resources that weren't ready before, and I think like yeah, we can kind of carry this forward and, you know, kind of make sure that future generations are more aware and prepared the things all this happening, because they probably will happen in the future. And Age, Adam Age and diet is, I think, do important factors of human system. When people are having a bad diet, they have a batting system, and when people are aging, you know, they become weaker and become more prone to get very vulnerable to all these viruses. That's the reason when the first and and there was this first outbreak of pandemic, it wasn't and help organizations that it is the age, the aged people, who have to be very careful and the younger ones, because both have very weak immune systems. HMM. Yeah, now, that's it. And it's like, you know, we need to reinforce immune systems by, you know, exercising with that's walking, working out, you know, again bits mind through Sun Lights and, yeah, keeping, you know, balance healthy lifestyle if possible, because I think, like you know, it's it's been a bigger wake up call for, you know, the entire world and I think, like you know, really makes us think about health in general and you know what we're doing in our lives, because, you know, cost you your life if you're not. I haven't got to balance, healthy music, immune system, yes, and life is a gift to us. We should always respect it and to keep ourselves shit. You have to make sure you have an early life. That and whenever I call, relate from the ancient day, you know, the less of technology, less of contaminated things they were let of, less of fact food and people are very healthy and they lived really long because they had a strong immune system and they had pretty organic, you know, food and whatever is in their own garden. But if you if you look at people, the mortality with now of you know, younger people, are more than it was in the past. Yeah, in the in the past, they lived a healthy hair, you know, lifestyle and a healthy habit of doing things, and they also had a very healthy diet. They had a very good way of sleeping because there was no technology, there was no stress. Adequately, they always had some labor work to do. They were no machines, so everything was done by hand and by human body. So exercise what was already existing in everybody's life and they walked a lot because they were not there was very less vehicles. Everybody could not afford it. And they live longer. HMM. Yeah, now that's a clear I think. Like you said, you know, people live longer because, you know, their lives were less complicated and all they had to you know, then have to worry about as many things. Stress Level was down and I think po probably know, grow grewed around food and it wasn't all this processed food that people can out.

Yeah, they didn't know that access to things all that years ago. Yes, frozen yeah, in the year in India, like my grandfather lived pretty long. You lived a hundred years to you wore yeah, so I used to ask him because I like talking about personal experiences on the top of about, you know, stories. It was in India technology, television, electricity, everything reach sell it late because we were developing and we were coming out of independence and there was a long journey. So in that duration they did not have any television sheds as well. So there was no television and was out and there was nothing, you know, telephone. It was telegram to communicate. So life was different. So my grandfather used to do a lot of you know, labor work. He's a lot of bullock car traveling and every right, walking, walking, because even bicycles get very late so and many people could not afford it in the ancient times. So he used to tell me stories, you know, and he lived a very healthy life and he had a habit of having milk products and he used to tell me the benefits of flax seeds and you know everything. So now if you talk to a fitness expert, he tells you to eat flat seeds, and flax seeds has been actually their thousand and thousand years of ago, when the in our grand parents used to eat it like in a part of the Diet, which is very important or Omega in giving you a very good, you know, energy and fitness, and I would hell you life that. HMM, Ye, internated, what you eat, how you sleep, how you live your life. If you're a lazy man, you get all bees, you get diseases, diabetes, stress, everything is in the linked. Only comes out of your health and that is directly proportional to your immune system. So if you and I are healthy, we live longer. If habit develop, you know, stress, and if we develop in you know, we can't sleep properly, then again, even we become unelthy in life and prone to diseases. You and I, as a human being, we have to be very healthy with a healthy lifestyle. HMM, yeah, I know, I think. I think it's really true where you said, and it's so important and you know, like if you're living a healthy lifestyle, you're going to feel happier. You know, which it was, like you said, it's all into linked to, you know, your mental health, emotional health, physical health, and one you know as one effect on to the next. And I think you know, like you said, living longer as well, you know, links to happiness and I think you know if you're happy and what you're doing and you got good relationships and you're eating things like you know good for you, then you are going to live longer and give your yeah, and as as as everybody talks about you know health, immune system, you know how to protect yourself. We have to inculpigate this habit forever now to be healthy. The topic of being fit or immune never comes out because we developed this habits from now itself. But this is a learning we learn. Every every single day will learn something, and two thousand and twenty has taught us that we have to take care of ourselves, make sure that we have healthy habits, make sure that we don't develop habits that gives us stress, and also make our immune system very strong by a complete, healthy and a good lifestyle. Taking up from the past. Yeah, we live longer. Everybody wants to live long. Who wants to die early? HMM, Jee, die early, but the question is, nobody talk talks about the threat, you know. Yeah, this health issues. Now, like you said,...

...mental illness. Mental illness is the biggest problem turning out to be during this covid nineteen phase. Yeah, no, I that's not. Previous podcast as well. This is very important and it actually affects your health. HMM. Yeah, no, I think mental health is a big thing, I think, especially with this, because people have lost jobs, be you know, some certain times, and people can go and do the things that they could usually do that they want spot them happiness, you know. So the being people were forced, you know, say at home, can go to the gym, you know, can't, yeah, go to restaurants or nightclubs because, or cinemas because, if you know, there's current situation. So it's all these things up people for both happiness, you know, all the things that were buying they couldn't then use. That's what that's that's the thing and people are ignoring it and I think everybody should be Seu is about it that if you're fit from your mind, your fit from your body, and if you fit from your body, it is all protection from different kind of viruses, making your immune system stronger by being fit, by being early, though, and any talked about happiness. Yes, if you're if you're having a healthy lifestyle, you're definitely happy. HMM. People look at you as a fit man. If you're obese, people look at you as a fat man. HMM. Yeah, so there's a difference between Fret and fat. Yet one alphabets that can change the entire description of one human being in front of somebody's eyes. One alphabet fast replace the eye with the A and with the eye. Yeah, it's that switches that it's you know, it's like, I think some people fall into habits, you know, with a the elite, certain types of food, because it makes them feel good. And Look, you know, it make okay, my make you feel good once you're eating it, but you know down the line you're not going to feel good once you've got you know, if you have health problems, if you're doing it too much, too much. Yeah, and I think sometimes that's when people have to when people realize, because they start feeling pain, they start to experience pain and realize, yeah, I can. I can hear you just about. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Can you hear me? Yeah, yeah, I suppers. I was a hi Adam. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can you fuck Youar me. Okay, sorry, I just got cut off the network. Yeah, it's fun. Okay, so like, like, like we talked about, and I think it was a signal for us to sweet with the next one. Yeah, of course, and that was so continue. Like I was saying, you know, like we discussed again. What does self happiness means? You know, like happiness is like in a reform, but self happens. I think for me it means actually being sad. This fight with every we doing. Most people are not satisfied where they're doing something. It would be anything in life. I think self satisfaction is self happiness. Hmmm. Yeah, no, I think that was really good point. I think, like I think happiness is. It's different for each persons in it, but I think happiness is, you know, like you said, being satisfied with what you do in a positive way and really having that passion and I love for it. Yeah, and it is in our hand, it... within our grasp. Happiness and emotional fulfillment. I think it both. Both is both are interlinked and we should be with those people who make a smile because, as I've read and research, it says we are the happiest when we are around those who are also happy. So people who are not happy cannot make keep you happy. If they are happy, you are happy and being with them who is happy happiness. Yeah, now I agree. I think, like you said, when you're around people that are happy, you're in your happiness yourself as well. You know, you sage energies and you you tuned into their energy, they tune into yours and it kind of just kind of multiplies from there. And I think, yeah, it it's very, very visible when someone isn't happy. You know, it's it's you know, we're all energy and they just, you know, people give up a vibration of how they feel. So it's very visible when you see someone during a job they don't enjoy, because they're giving up that energy and vibration that they don't enjoy. It not happy. Yeah, and one would always hold on to their values in life and accept the good. Only then they can be happy within themselves. Because whenever, whenever we imagine things, we should imagine the best in life. You know, we've not. We should not settle for less. Yeah, we should try, we should try to push ourselves, you know, do better and find self happiness. Not Push others, but push yourself and try to accept the good. Yeah, no, exactly. You know, by pushing ourselves and growing as a person is in there. And you know, if we can help other people, then that makes us happy even more. So, because I think about your life gets better by by making other people's lives better in some way, if possible. Yes, and one should always listen to their heart. Hmm, I think self happiness comes from the heart. You know there is emotions involved. You know when you're sitting alone in your bedroom and thinking about something, you know you get lost. You know you should find happiness within you and try to see how you can keep others happy. Tom You're happy, you're happy and you're unhappy. We Exchange vibe energy and I try to keep you know you. You know you to keep you happy, that we we always find happiness in parents and friends, amongst the closed ones, because they always smiling whenever you are around. You actually your relationships that we are around. We always look happiness in them as well the company with good people. Now you know if we are having a girlfriend or away, and if she's happy, you tend to be happy. HMM. Yeah, you don't to be sad, and if you are sad, your he becomes. You know, unhappy. Is All about. It's all interconnected. It's all about wise from one another. How we exchange energy, and I believe in energy change. HMM. Yeah, I can really agree. And I think, like you said, if if something isn't making you happy, then you need to change it or you need to communic, communicate with the person or communicate with yourself and you really see what's going on and act on it, because you know, if we don't make that change, then we're going to stay in our situation. that US making do wasn't wasn't happen. Yeah, we have to choose the city over negativity and and, because positivity always win. And choosing to... happy is very important and we have to allow our joy to, you know, shape our present and the future. Happiness take us everywhere, and true happiness is just inside us. You know, we have to find happiness within ourselves. Yes, it is very true to find happiness amongst people around are. You know us, you know in every relation, but at the end we are alone. We come alone, we go alone, as we talk about burt and death. So this right is meant to be happy, not sad. What was bad yesterday is gone, today is today, the present scenario. Every day is different, every date is different, every human being is different. Were always ask myself, where do I see my replica in the world? Are We created in such a great manner that we are different. So when we are different, we should be happy. HMM. Yeah, and accept that life is good. People say life is bad. People people are, you know, not living their have life happily. So they have to find it within themselves. It is us. HMM. Ye, are not and do right, bring the right things out of is very important, because happiness leads to happy time, happy moment and a happy life. Yeah, but it wants to be happy. We find happy happiness in small little things, right. Yeah, yeah, no, I I agree. I think it's like, you know, even the even the small things, can make it happening. You know, we don't have to. You know, I've been in relationships in the past and you know, just going this. You know, maybe not for everybody, but you know, small things like going to the supermarket, getting some sandwiches, going for a drive, somewhere, I'm sitting down, you know Cuz can have a massive effect on, you know, my happiness. So don't have to go to a restaurant to have a good time, do you know? To me, I could do something very, very basic with someone that I care about. Yeah, I really love this court buy Christopher where exact you know, I've ready somewhere. Don't ever put your happiness in someone else's hand. They will drop it. will drop it every time. Yeah, you're yeah, because we're in charge of our own happiness. It is not the other person's responsibility to control. You know, how we how we end up feeling. I. I. and that's what people get tired of. In some relationships. They put that that happiness and that love on the other person, for they a person's carry in to do, you know, to like is their job to for that person, to make them happy. And it's like, no, you've got to make yourself happy and be okay in yourself to be okay with other people. You know, you gotta have that positive relationship with yourself help positive relationship with others. And a lot of people, I think, they don't. They don't and end up pointing the finger over people when it is actually done themselves. Yeah, see, Adam, good things and bad thing things happen every day in life, in everybody's life, in every ones you know experience living a life and we have to, you know, make sure that the good things overshadowed the bad things and the good things. We make you happy for a better tomorrow. HMM. If you are happy to if we have a good sleep tonight, we have a happier day tomorrow. Yeah, imagine we are not, we don't get good sleep because whenever there is not happen, there's no happiness around. It affects our sleep, it effects are eating habits, affects are living habits. We have thought negative energy, we don't sleep properly, we wake up again and again morning, we are...

...sore the next day. Is that? Hmm? I don't forget what happened. What happens, happened. It doesn't repeat. Yeah, what past in the past. And are quote in NY. It's like you're not, you're not your pass but take a lot of experiences. You take from it, like we all have this blueprint Dome Wa why we are who we are. A lot of people, you know all that past. A lot of people say that I'm not good at something just from an experience, single experience from their past that you can give the past and give people beliefs about themselves. And I just like you say experiences, yes, and self happiness leads to others happiness too. So, as I explained earlier, if we are happy, we can positive energy to others and we have to forget the sadness. We don't have to get stuck to it. Well, I like always thinking about what happened in my my life going to be very sad. Am I going to be good? Am I going to be successful? Now, if you're working hard, you will have failures and feel you do give you stress, but keep that failures aside. HMM. Think how you could convert that into happiness and not, you know, make those mistakes in any form. That can again make you sad. HMM. So self happness is coming within ourselves and whatever we do, we should do it happily. You know, if we give US happy results, whenever we are angry, Adam, how do we feel later on? We realize that we shouldn't be angry at that moment. There is a, you know, sudden hit in our blood pressure and we feel very upset about it later. In the current view, in this pandemic, I think self happiness is very important. Yeah, now, being happy is important, especially in the current situation, and, you know, getting to know ourselves, who we really are, and understand what our wants and needs. When we hungry, we look for you know, we look for food right so when we are upset, why not keep it aside and look for happiness? Hmm, let's find happiness. And once you are happy, everybody is happy. One person, I'm happy in the house, can make everybody unhappy. Oh Yeah, in the house can make everybody happy. Yeah, it's definitely experience that workplaces. You know, like you could be at work and the manager could command not be happy and it just, it just spiles everyone else into that lower you know them arou team around, ultimate the team. Once I can motivate the team and they do better. If the boss telling at you any enters the office, you feel boost. You get the boost and you feel like let's do it, and that's happiness. And then they bosses happiness, you know, happy again and to where you get a bigger smile. Yeah, because you know people naturally, I think, look up to the high rocky down for support and guidance and if not getting that, then people think going why I'm a hell, while am I doing us? I'm not being a praise for what I'm doing. So it is important. It is important. You know, one smile in your face can change the other person's mood. One good can pep up somebody else's mood, who has been very sad since a few days. We don't know how a person is feeling from within unless we try to communicate and share.

You know, their problems, you know, and if you can pass our happiness to them, but just talking to them sweetly, but giving them a good smile, just giving them a good smile to make a good difference. And Yeah, that happiness, it is always good, because life is meant to be happy. Yeah, no, I don't believe anymore. There are bad things. That is happening in my life, also on a day to day basis. You know, I want to do things, it doesn't go right. You want to do things, it doesn't go right, but it doesn't mean that we be sad and again tomorrow is again a sad day. Rather, let's be happy, forget it and improve ourselves to do better tomorrow. MMM MMM. And in this pandemic, you know, mental in this is a big problem, like we discuss always. So if you're not happy, you give you get mentally ill. HMM. It's yeah, I definitely agree on I think, like I said, you know the current situation that's happening. Lots Verend certain people experience your happiness and you know, it's what it's how you react and what you do with Tho, isn't it like? You know, do you do we? Do we sit there and feed all type, give it our time and energy, or do we, you know, ask yourselves, what is it I need to do? You know, it's wee is because you know, by your time and energy, you can't get that back. You know, whatever you're you're feeding that. That's where you know what's going to go. And there's there's lots of people want can make you happy. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, completely. Yeah, there's there's a good there's a guy. There's a guy, I had them a podcast actually, who's a music artists, makes music and his music's very high and high energy and not be and you know, listening to that can shift my mood. So music, music is quite powerful. UHH. I think he and I think Adam, we should always be happy and post this happiness to people. And there is, you know, always there are reasons to be sad, but there are always better reasons to be happy and we should pass this on to people and keep them happy as well. And we should. We should always be happy for this life and we should find happiness within ourselves, because life is a onetime experience. Let's not waste it by being sad. Yeah, and that's how I would say, that's how I'll post this message to our podcast listeners, that happiness is everything. Let's be happy for good. Yeah, yeah, now, I I completely agree, and I think with that as well. You know, as gratitude, isn't it? Being grateful for who we are? And Yeah, we very and somebody told me that. You know, the chances of being a human being is four and your trilli into one. It's being like scientifically proved that the chances of actually being human being being born's four hundred to one. Uh Huh. So, I mean, it's a gift, really, isn't it? It is a gift, it is, it is a gift, and we should always be happy about the life we have today. I think, I think this is how we should wrap it. Yeah, of course we should give this message to our listeners that let's be happy and pass this happenes to others and let's be grateful for this lab that we have and spread happiness all around, find self, happiness within ourselves and do things what can keep us happy. Yeah, of course, not completely great, completely good it was again a good boss podcast, Adam, and always thankful to you. And they'll come up with better topics and I want people to listen to us and give... feedback so that we can improve ourselves and be more happy. Yeah, now I've had a pleasure. It's been a pleasure to talk to you again and you know, it's always good podcast with you and you know, I think a lot of people can take a lot from the things that we talk abound things that you say. Yeah, yeah, thank you so much, Adam, and have a good evening ahead and stay safe, stay fit and make his immune system strong and also be happy from within. How would you suffer us? Thank you very much, and you too as well. You look after yourself. Thank you. have an all the bust.

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