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On our weekly podcast today we talk about the benefits of having pets and the effects of domestic violence --- Send in a voice message:

Hither. My name is Adam Po and the podcast host posity to podcast. In this podcast, you will be listened to me connect with people from different walks of life, from the military to people in the music industry, to people in the self help industry and many other areas of life. In this podcast I'll be talking about topics from self help, mental health, motivation, spirituality, mindset, society, current affairs and much, much more. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, share and let me know your feedback. And my main intention on this podcast is to have a positive impact for you, the lit the listener, to take something positive from it, to apply something positive into your life from this. Now with without further ado, let's go to podcast and enjoy. Hi, what comes to Politis podcast. In today's episode I'm rejoined with Saffras for a week the podcast. In this episode we talk about the benefits of having pets and we also talk about domestic violence and the effects of it people's lives. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. Hey, suprise, I do and you are. Good evening. How are you can hear me? Hello, good evening, good evening. How are you? I'm good, Adam, very good. Thank you for asking. How are we good? Good, good, yeah, yeah, I'm really good. Thank you. Really good. Yeah, no, feeling feeling good today. Yeah, where's Nice, which is bonus, suns out down here, just being busy with a few bits and worked out this morning. Yeah, going well house. How's your how's your week been so far? By last week, our hour was last week. We as started well and you know, it's a fresh week, so it's a fresh feeling. I know the you know the the virus is still very dominant in the society now, because we're having some cases of community transmission here and there. HMM. So we are trying to cope up and we still have lockdown rules or, you know, a lot of places in India. HMM, out of the country. We're very careful, you know, about the precautions and going out and using them. That has been laid by w a show. So we yeah, mosques and we're taking all the precautions because the disease is just not taking a pause. HMM. That's what the situation is. The weather has been nice. We have monsoons, so always raining and windy, breezy. So it's a good feeling, a good environment and I... the way it is this side of the country. Yeah, now you've got a real mix up and you were your baste the weather. Wise it's come on, monsoon's brain, nice weather, wind. So what else do we need? I mean we need good weather. It's you know, it gives you a very good feeling. So I don't like too much of heat. You know in there, you know it's very hot. If I call you to India in summers, you might go crazy with the heat because temperatures sore up to fifty, forty, eight to fifty degrees in the capital of the country. Gosh, that's crazy. Yeah, that's crazy. So air conditioning is a part of our life and if we can't, if we don't have air conditions, is get it gets very crazy in the in the northern part of the time. Yeah, you need eastern part is pretty cool. Yeah, you need that, you need that coolbree is. Just keep keep a level. Yeah, I mean good weather is you a good feeling. If it's a terrible weather, if it's sweaty and you know you feel humid outside, you know it's sometimes getting to you and you don't get into a good mood. Normally feel kind of irritated because of the sweat. HMM. Yeah, yeah, I agree. I think like we we like it when it's hot, like in England, but we we can plain. We can plain when it's not nice, but when it's nice we always find an excuse to complain. Sometimes, you know, we'll say it's too hot because we're not you're not used to it what it is, or so Adam, you know, it's a very nice month, you know, August, sorry, July, August, next month, where you want to get back to work. We have bad news of the people losing jobs everywhere. The deep concern for the countries and, you know, especially the human sources department, because employment is very important for people to get food on their table. Yeah, you know, I've been reading a lot about unemployment. A lot of people are losing jobs, which is not good. So through this podcast I want to pass on the message to all our listeners that have patients. I'm sure something good is on the way and we should be hopeful for getting better opportunities in the coming few months. So just keep the hang on, hang on to the pandemic and be safe. If you are safe, you've come back to the new world with new opportunities right. Do you think this message is? Yeah, no, I agree. I think my job losters. People have been own employed, but I think, you know, though, the will be new opportunities out there for these people. You know, my be difficult for the moment in time to not in work, but you know the my mightend up doing someone else. You know the thing that I been doing my nob works out for them. Them. You know my whole check. Try something new. So let's get quickly, let's go. Yeah, of course, topics, because we stay very interesting and I want our listeners to actually listen to this one very carefully, because having this regular podcasts Adam, has given me a good way of thinking and putting up my thoughts to the audiences. Yeah, so domestic violence, our first topic, which itself says D for domestic violence, D for death. So most of what happens is, you domestic violence, people suicide, MMM, and they lose hope and you know, there are many, many reasons of domestic violences and the types...

...of abuses. It's an abuse in the house where people who's doing it doesn't know and people who's receiving it doesn't know, and leads to mental illness, stress, anxiety. HMM, this is what I've research and physical abuse being one of the Most Dangerous Act which people should be aware of that. You know, it can lead to big time stress and anxiety to people, and physical abuse is not acceptable in this society. Right. Then again, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, stalking your partners, you know, cyberus talking. These are all kind of violence. What do you say? Yeah, am I right? I'm right with my yeah, I think, like you said, it is all inso links. They all kind of tie in together. As you know, forms of abuse and the will negative and a thing. Like you said, the key thing is people who experience in it don't really know the right day. They they think they're stuck, stuck in that situation. They almost don't know what they're stuck in, and the people around them, like you said, in the community might not know because it happens behind closed doors. And I yeah, I think this that. I think since the coronavirus situation, the pandemic, I think the mast abuses increased quite dramatically, I suppose. And you know, love of other things. Yeah, because people are getting bored of people. Right. So abuse is one thing that human beings like doing. Okay, we abuse animals, we abuse human beings because we irritated of our own self. Now, if one is irritated of its own self, they should not t get out another, whether it's your partner, whether it's your wife, whether it's anybody, your girlfriend, and especially physical abuse. I think physical abuse should be punishable and people who are actually receiving it should go up and complain, because it is it is not acceptable for anybody to raise their hands and somebody does that, who gives them? Yeah? Well, I think the thing is with physical abuse to someone's in a relationship. Sometimes I've noticed start people don't want to tell the police, they don't want to tell their friends because their stock, because they've been threatened. Our person might tell them. If you tell, if you say anything more, I'm going to kill you or I'm going to do it again, so that they become locked in through fear and anxiety that if they do say something, then someone else is going to happen. So they end up staying with that person and they then as well, on top, don't want to be single. They don't want to go through being set you know, they don't want to separate from that person they don't know be not in a relationship, so they stay with that person. But but I think, I think you know that person. There are reasons actually, do you know Lea sup breath somehow that somebody's, you know, abusing you in any form. And if you see quiet, I think you're doing the biggest mistake. HMM. It's bigger than the mist somebody abusing you because you are trying to adapt. Do it now, if you adapt to any kind of domestic violence, that means you m you have to start of it, because it actually gives you a lot of threats. Now, people who face domestic violence in any form, could be, you know, physical, emotional, sexual, whatever they have, they are very, very low, they are very emotionally low and they do not want to...

...speak it out. And I think who faced this violence should actually go up to their best friend, go up to their parents, go up to their family and they should speak if they cannot go to the because unless you talk about you cannot live without with violence all your life. If somebody hits once, hits you twice, hits you twice, that means you want to take it if you like. We have in a lot of sayings. Enough is enough. So when is that enough? I think it comes enough probably if somebody when it's gone for some time or they've rather, you know, severe, a severe situation. You know where they had that like you know been, you know that being on the having a life right, and you know where the ads probably serious beausing or something that's happened and the body for you know this Adam abroad, the western part of the count western part of the world. But now in even in India, we have a lot of plenty of cases of domestic violence, and I cannot believe somebody raising hand on the water. I mean they fall in love, they like that person, they love that person so much that they keep saying I love all the time, and suddenly you raise your hand on somebody because that y. That actually completely spoils the relationship. Now, now they cannot be loved when there is violence, they cannot be understanding when there's right, they cannot be there when they right. So why be in that relationship if somebody doing that, is doing that to you? There's a big question, Mab in the center of your forehead, HMM, saying what? Why are you in that relationship when you're getting abused? I think as well, like sometimes people who do that sometimes might have been abused themselves or they might have grown up in an abusive family where their dad beat up them on or vice versa, and then they grow up and they they probably got smacked about and then sometimes they they might carry that forward. But but I think as well, you know, as in a relationship, as people, we need strokes of attention and that might be verbal or physical. So like a hug, a curse, it's you know, you look nice today. That's all positive, and I think there's a negative side of it, which is like, you know, the verbal side might be like you looked terrible today, or a slap or something, you know, and people rely on these strokes of attention whenever in relationships. And if they're in a negative relationship, they rely on these negative strokes because it's still a form of attention they are use. So that that's that's better than not having any form of attention. So if that's why some people get stuck and some relationship, it's crazy. Yes, yeah, have you watched this movie joker? Yes, so everybody, I think many people in India and world let this movie. It's a very good example of domestic violence. Yeah, and you expect a joker to smile, but every smile has a story, and this movie had a story of a child who was actually tied up when he was when he was young, when he was an infant. So he forgot to smile and he forgot to laugh. Now, when he's grown up, when he makes people laugh and when he understands the joke late and he laughs later, hmm, it's right. Yeah, he you get used to think sad. How would you be happy? So you used to getting...

...abused. You know, how would you come out of it? If only you? Who has to come out of it, and only you? It's only you. You have to go out there speak up. That's what our podcast you know. Earlier also, we had this amazing topic of in a communication, talking and how relate can be affected if there is no communication. Now, when there is the message violent, you should talk to each other, or you could go out and talk to your friends and family. HMM, express it and also report the case to the police, because nobody is born to get abused. We are bound to be happy. We want deliver good life, not succumb to somebody or be dominated by something. Hence the stress anxiety, sleepless night and I do not know what it would lead to suicide as well. So the message is positive here that don't keep it to yourself. You get so stressed that you have negative thought. So, putting yourself that scenario, if I put myself in that scenario, I would definitely speak out, even I do not do not want to go to go out to the police. If that was the scenario, I would rather go out. So if somebody is getting abused up in the house or in their homes or whatever, they should speak it out. They have a solder. Yeah, now, I agree. I think that you know people who going through that or or experiencing it. You know need to reach out, and I might be scary and it's a big thing to do, but you know, you need to tell the people that you love and that you close. So report it to the police. They there's necessary steps. NOTHINK as well. It's not just, you know, the abuse that women receive from Man. Sometimes it can be man receiving abuse from women and I think sometimes that man mander want to report it because they feel embarrassed that to get smacked or their bleef use by a woman. So it goes on the saints. Do you mean to say that people who get abuse are used to keeping themselves quiet? Is it that? Is it? Is it that the belief now, or is it that the trend that if you abuse is stay quiet? I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me, but is it? Is it that? Hmm, I I think they yeah, I think they just be become used to giving up and just just to say it is safer to be quiet and just, you know, be a punching bag. Okay, so, but but I think being a punching bag is not know, everybody's Boun to be happy and everybody should speak it out. I mean, you are in such love that you forgot everything and you left everybody. Now, today, when pain in life, you should remember everybody who was a part of your life before and you know and your family and friends will support that. You know you if you're in love, you know they're going to help you. That's what you need. Any time. They would, they would love to help you. Is that you need to open your mouth and speak. If you're not doing that, there's nobody in this world that they have, they have any magic to know it by themselves, because the one who's doing it will never speak out. HMM. The one who's receiving as to speak out, whether it's a woman or a man. As you said, even men are getting abuse a lot. Thank God in India it's less less a case. But if it is, in any in any order, in any even a child gets abused, they should speak out. Even children. Abuse is a very, very wrong thing in the society which we have forgotten to... they should speak out to their parents and, you know, then friends and everybody, because abuse is something that is not acceptable. As for me, and I believe, and I believe that you know, God has given this life to be happy, right, there are no reason somebody stress in the form of beating and stay quiet. Yeah, no, I definitely agree. Definitely agre. So the message would be very positive today from our podcast is that please speak out. The reason topic is to connect to people and I hope today many people connect to this podcast if they if they ever got abused in any form, in any form, I think this is just speak up, speaking out. That would help you. You know, go will go back to sleep in the night wearing you just lost all your sleep thinking about what happened today or yesterday. HMM. Yeah, no, I agree. You speak out, reach out, we shall to those, you know, who don't support you. You're you know, even reach out, you know, to us on the althos on this podcast. You know, it's reassurance that you know we're there for you. This is a very emotional topic actually. You know, it's a very emotional topic. Does the reason I'm being very careful with the words and I would want back to everybody, and they should listen to both of us. Of what we are trying to easier. We just try and face awareness that somebody's ready to listen to you if you're ready to read out. No, I agree, definitely agree. Yeah, so we did this sort of pot positive note for people to speak out and the next one is very happy topic that we discuss. Right. HMM. Yeah, how it bother? How important are pets in a black and I would start off saying that it's a global trend, now that you know better, and millions around the world love their pets and enjoy their companionships, taking them for walk even. Oh yeah, and lot of evidences that suggest that. You know, bet we get very attached to human beings and it is good for human help and even it builds commune. That's how I would on this first second topic of art, which is that's a part of the family. HMM, yeah, I agree. I think like pets. I mean I've got two dogs. I've got a Dahound, you know, the sausage dogs. I've got one of those, and then I've got a sausage dog cross, Jack or so, so he's a bit more smaller. And Yeah, you know, you feel you feel real you feel more relaxed. You know, there is a sense of, you know, community. You know, other people like them, some people don't. The only things are my dogs. They bark a lot. So sometimes you have to be aware of, you know, the postman people coming to the gate. So, but that that's my dogs. They're just very barky dogs. Some dogs, you know, are more relaxed, they don't bark as much. But I think that, yeah, dogs definitely make you feel happier, makes you feel relaxed. They they know when you're not okay emotionally. They'll they'll they'll be around you, you know when you're not well. So there's a not a positives tough pets. That's just that's just dogs and you know, not you know, there's a woman pets. That are benefits as well. Yeah, even cats gets a very lucky gaps and dogs are very lucky, for this is what I've been reading a lot. They're very lucky. They know the pain. They don't share the pain. Actually, if you're very unwell, they come and sit beside you. I mean your best friend doesn't do that. Yeah, just imagine the night when you're not well and then your bed...

...comes and sits besides you. You feel like you know somebody's carrying you, you know somebody's taking care of you, and the level of empathy is different. Oh it's yeah, my my own. Most importantly, single parents. For them bets a great companion, and the children they get attached to their bets agree to that. HMM, yeah, that's it. I mean children. Actually, sorry, broke up. Things are for us, but, sir, I said, like, you know, for single parent families become a companion to the children. The bets. Yeah, yeah, for single parents older, Oh, you know, older people who might live alone, doesn't does a bit. That's a big one. You know, they good for Cood, the good for children. I mean if you've got the right you know, dog, because sometimes people in England especially some people have certain dogs which can be quite aggressive at times and you have to be carefully if you got children, you know around, sir, and dogs is Staffordshire, all terriers and people's pease. But then again, it's down to the owner, isn't? How the dog is brought up by the owner depends how they are. Yes, yes, and keeping pets is like, you know, having somebody around. Did you have pets your house? You affected, you feel that your children are protected. You know, if any foreign, foreign body, as I did in your in your garden or your yard, you know that because your dog starts barking. HMM. Yeah, Everty, they are the biggest guards of your house and the biggest companion you can have in their house, the best friend to your children. You know, even if, when you see, you know, your dog just sitting beside your child, you feel your child is say, yeah, the definitely is that you kind of feel bit more safer because animals can pick up on who's around the house. Yeah, yeah, and don't know everything is just that they come talks of the bar. Hmm, they could talk. I'm better than human being event. Yeah, just's imagine if we have got a bath. Yeah, we can imagine, because they just don't have they have a voice, but they are not trained to talk right. So imagine if we have dogs who can talk in the future, right, what will happen? Everything will yeah, there be got to be interested, because first topic was very, very, you know, strong. You know, people could actually go back to their past and realize a lot of things if they were abused. But this one is very nice one, because everybody has a pet in any form, and research says that it increases the stress level. You know the stress level, do you have any body? And also cardio vascular disease in older people. They you know, they we are lesser prone to cardiac arrest if you have, you know, pets around you. So research says that there are a lot of benefits of well, yeah, just go to show, doesn't it? You know, makes you feel that bit more grounded, you know, when you go, yeah, caring your problems with your pat connected, I mean companionship one thing, and there are many people who are single, they are many people who are single parents, then many people who don't...

...have a big family and if you have your pat around you, you think so it's not a part of the yeah, and then Loil is well. The there ever, so oil. I'll have a shower and my dog will sometimes wait outside for me to finish my shower and he will lick my legs, you know, and it's like wow, you know they because I think if you having a shower, you skirt the toilet, you're you're quite your own, quite a vulnerable place, and I think that goes back to, you know, being out on the wild, you know. So they they are very aware. The veriest shoot a stooped and they they look after you and the quite I think they quite spiritual. You know, they're quite tuned in to us, more than we are to ourselves. I think sometimes very true, and they get the vibe faster than I there's something wrong. Yeah, that's that's definitely true. Do you do you have any pets? Times? I don't have a bet in my house, but my friends have better and I'm very close to the bets and I also dogs. have it. Whenever I go from my run in the morning, before I eat anything, I make sure I keep the street dogs. We have a lot of street dogs in India. So you know, Escot, you just buy a packet. Yeah, I was returning back and I've spent the SAG of biscuits to a few dogs and they escorted me as, if you know, a on boy, an army, by protecting me, greeting home. Yeah, now it's Nice. So they're lawyer. m M. Yes, really, if really nice animals. And you know, my friend recently got a Gerbil, you know, a few, if you like, the hamsters. He's got a few of those recently. My auntie actually in her garden she has chickens and ducks. She's, you know, for the eggs she gets out of dog dok eggs and the chicken eggs. But you know, they take care of them and it's just it's really relaxing and it's really nice to, you know, be around naturism. Yeah, and even the eastern part of the country, people have a bets in different problems in India as well, like people keep chicken, people keep, you know, different animals in their houses and these days keeping pets is like has been a part of a society, part of them, and even that's get used to human beings very easy. The only pet that has a lot of attitude are yeah, I agree, I call them, I call them with attitude, man, but they would not come and sit beside you and yes, they say, Hey, you take care of yourself and yeah, yeah, that's a very nice I mean, I want to keep a cat. My friends are having cats and you know, they might look close ones of cats and it's like they have stories to say, and even even dogs they have stories to say and it is very amazing to have bets around and I am happy that you have. I'm yeah, yeah, we see, they are part of the family and I think you know, take of a walks and they're always there. There few really, you know, very, very lucky to have them. I think you know, they have their moments. I mean one of my one of... one of my pets, they they they only downside is is that that their instincts is to lie, you know, Hunt. So if they see a bird, they want to chase after it. So I have a lot of nature, my God, and the birds flying around it. You have to just be careful because it's just not nice to see you see one of them attack a bird sometimes or try it type, but very clear a prey around. They're very clever. I mean you can record a video it looks like you're watching a movie, that they are so accurate in attacking their prey. That's what I've seen. And one thing you mentioned that you take your you take your pets, your dogs, for a while. I would I would say the other way. The dogs are taking you for a walk. Yeah, nothing, they do, say me for walking stuff, and is therefore I'm taking out my taking my dogs out for a walk, but they forget the dogs are taking them out for a walk, saying that even you are lazy. Come let's go. Yeah, yeah, sir, even it keeps you healthy. I mean, you know, when you you I have a friend, I have a very good friend, who's a doctor, and he runs with his dog. Yeah, so that is the most the most important thing that I noticed there was that the dog is running after Hmm, imagine, and he has trained him such a way, such a fit dog, that, you know, he looks like an athlete himself. The dog, you can run any any amount, any kilometers, and the doctor, the doctor friend of mine, makes him run like whole day. Just imagine. HMM. Yeah, so he's into fitness and make dog fit too. The dog is slim and fit. So it's how you train your pet too. It's very important that you train them with good, good, good manners and make them a good part of the family and go out for healthy walks. And they are very specific, you know, when they are trained to go out for a walk. So they take you, they knock you at that time. Has that happen? Yeah, yeah, now they have their routine. Sometimes, you know, they'll they'll want their food at the same time, they'll get up in the same time and they'll want to go. More organized than human beings. Right. Yeah, they'll go to sleep, you know, around eight o'clock a PM. Don't, don't lie down the couch and not off. But the only only things with my dogs, if it rains, you have to force them to go out. That they're like the rain, my dogs. Okay, but yeah, they they when you, if you ask them to go for a walk, then it's like you've just given them a check for a million pounds. They love it. But they certainly, you know, have a benefit, and you know, positive benefit to our lives and the other keepers, active keepers busy. You might make friends, you know, through walking your dog. You know, over dog walkers, there's a very big social side to having animals as well. Yeah, very, very, very important part. Yet, and that's what I said, they are a part of the community now and people who there. That's nicely as well. I've heard about a lot of cat a music. I've been reading also. So I think they should, everybody should treat, you know, animals, human beings with care, because everybody deserves care, and even pets deserve care because when then, when you lose your pets, you're very much because there is a huge emotional connection with every you know,... know being who's alive this planet. So when dogs have a life, even they live and even they die, and even they give you company and they are best companion in your house. What else do you need to take care of that? You know that dog or ever and they will take you without even asking for anything. In yes, that's a good point. They care, if they care unconditionally, so because everybody has some some sort of right in human being. But animals, they care for you unconditionally. They don't even ask anything. It's what people forget. So they even they deserve the care. Even they deserve their meals on time, because they are more organized. I think early morning up, you know they are up early morning. You know they want to go out early morning. Just imagine, they have a very good timed body clos yeah, no, it definitely occurs in the teachers are low and the more every getting that. Yeah, in every way. That's what I told you. If they have voice, human beings are a gone case. Then just imagine a Jovians shepherd talking to a rottwiler. Yeah, yes, so it's like that. I'm people should be happy in listening to our podcast. They should be happy on a happy moment, because people listen to podcast to get feeling. If you don't make a fire and if you don't make them laugh, what's the use? Right? So I like being humorous in between because I want to add smile on everybody's face and keep seeing everybody happy. Yeah, not muster. Well, I must really agree, and I think like you know. So it's great talk to you and nothing. You know, we talked about really good topics and we're pretty concise and you know the things we talked about, and I think I'll say you know, if you can have a positive impact on somebody in some way, than that's what it's all about. Yeah, that's all. And next time, as we as we discussed, we're going to go out. Yeah, so ill our listeners to actually log into instagram and this is our first we should advertise. Yeah, of course. So, yeah, they should be tuned to instagram on Sunday. will put that, put out the time on the creative so that people can actually see a stock and you will choose the best topic for that. Everybody gets. Yeah, get it awareness and get something out of a yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. No, yes, I'm yeah, yeah, not same. It will be good. Good, I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it. Let's go for it and thank you so much again. It's always a pleasure that and I hope a lot of listeners because the topics violence, abuse and yeah, yeah, I know that. Definitely agrees. It's been a pleasure told you gun stuff for us and you know I love you. Have a good evening. Yeah, yeah, it's ten to four. Free, is free. Yeah, ten to four here now, so it's afternoon really, but but yeah, have a nice have a nice evening. Thank you so much and take care. Yeah, you too. You take care. Thank you. Come.

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