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The Parrsitivity Podcast #Episode 91 Sarfaraz Ahmad - nature & technology


Had a great Podcast with Sarfaraz Ahmad, was out first ever face to face Podcast! - we both started our weekly Podcast at the beginning of March, it's always a pleasure to have sarfaraz on the podcast! - In today's Podcast we talked about climate change, environment, nature, human behavior, social media, video games, and technology! - --- Send in a voice message:

Hither. My name is Adam Po and the podcast host posity to podcast. In this podcast, you will be listening to me connect with people from different walks of life, from the military to people in the music industry, to people in the self help industry and many other areas of life. In this podcast I'll be talking about topics from self help, mental health, motivation, spirituality, mindset, society, current affairs and much, much more. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, share and let me know your feedback. And my main intention on this podcast is to have a positive impact for you, the lit the listener, to take something positive from it, to apply something positive into your life from this. Now with without further ado, let's go to podcast and enjoy. Hi, and welcome to the polity to podcast. In today's episode I'm joining again with suffer us. In today's episode we talk about technology and the impact on the younger generation, and we also talk about nature, the importance of it and climate change. Sit Back, relax and enjoy this episode. What I suffer us? I don't hi. Good evening, Adam. I'm very good. Thank you very gooting. How are you? It's good, good, yeah, very good. Thank you. Just just enjoying the weather of the minute. You know, just want to say it's you know, it's a pleasure to you know, the first time you able to speak facetoface. You by this and we've done a good amount of podcast you know, we were aware of each of the voice. Now we alive on a video call and we want people to relate to this and, you know, at least understand what, what kind of message we want to put through and maybe, maybe they live. There will be a lot of people who can connect to us and because we have amazing subjects, like we always do, and they the momentum is pretty high this time because we can see each other, people can see us earlier. Yeah, just yea, here us now. It's about how how vocal we are and how how much we can relate to them on the video call. Yeah, so see out of it. It's a very nice Sunday here. The monsoon has been pretty good, you know, as usual, the rain is good and we are pepped up to go out and start our work. But as usually, you know, the pandemic is not stopping. And they we have this, you know, a celebrity in Bollywood, Mr Alla butching, who's got who's got coronavirus and he's positive and his fun is positive and his granddaughter is positive, which is a very bad news for the celebrity in the Bollywood Industry. Yeah, it's it's a tricky one, isn't it? With, you know, the film industry and how, you know, how do they go about doing movies now, you know and all of that. Yeah, we see. The question is the entire entire entertainment industry is actually on a rest mode right now. I would call it hibernation mode. And you know, they are able to work. So that's the reason Netflix is as usual. Netflix is and Amazons are doing pretty well, and all these you know data providers, they're doing well because people are always sitting on their phones and trying to serve the Internet. I think Youtube has more subscribe rivers then before. Yeah, I would start being man in India, Tick Tock. Being banned in India. It's like it's taken an entertainment system out of the you know, Indian country. It's fun now. Yeah, it's bad now because of China and India relations. You know, this country has banned you know, good amount of application coming from China. I you missed on that. News. So lots of video editing APPs, Tick Tock, which had, you know, billions and millions of users. It's been band so people have switched... youtube now and you know, and they that's the way only to pastime in India teams, and while we are researching and trying to get into more topics to connect to people, I think our job is different. We can't sit on Youtube all day, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I agree, that's kind of improvised. Then you kind of have to change with times in some way. It is true. We have to change and we have to try new things rather than just sitting glue to youtube or any sort of videos. Yeah, so, Adam, you know, like as always, you know, we start with a good, good start, beginning. So let's start with, you know, our first topic, which is very, very interesting today and it's it really made me learn a lot while I read through, so that I could have some good things to talk about. Nature, like with discussed, nature is a part of us, I mean human beings. We are part of nature, we are the dwellers of nature and we're trying to exploit the nature in every way to meet our requirements. As you know, all the resources comes from the mother Earth, the planet Earth, and we are exploiting it and trying to make it a garbage bill, I would say, and we're not trying to realize what will happen in the future. So, you know, nature is something we are connected to and we have a relationship, close relationship. Human being are actually dominating nature and we are actually trying to rule over nature, whereas we have to live with it together. Now, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, it's all coming from nature, right and what are we doing to the beaches and what are we doing, you know, to to water, to ocean, to fossil fuels, you know, we are trying to damage everything. We have polluting everything, and the nature should be protected, should be conserved, so that we can live healthy, you know, in a healthy environment and, as you see, everything around, everything is nature. So why don't we use it wisely? Why don't we use it in a manner wherein everybody can use it, not only some? Right now, resource there which comes from the surface of the Earth are being exploited. Do you agree to me? Yeah, no, I agree. I thinks, like you know, we we do can't of spoil, you know, like nature in the world and you know like, you know, the Amazon rainforest, for example, in a trees being put down last one, you know, the the oceans being polluted with, you know, plastic. You know, people don't think things like I know that during the pandemic or the we have places called tips where people can take rubbish and things like that, and people couldn't go to them because it was closed. So we just don't think it. Those jumping on the road side, you know, rubbish and that and things like that. So yeah, we do, we do exploit it and I think you know, we're all part with part of you know, nature, you know the world and you know we can't ruin it come. So yeah, true. And we are dumping, you know, our weight into the ocean, into the road, you know, everywhere. And these are being condumed by pets and three dogs and animals. Right. Yeah, and then it reaches up and even when I was reading through even the ocean surface, below the surface, there are lots of, you know, garbage floating now, if you can, if you can relate to it, now, these garbage, these things on in the ocean surface. I've been confumed by wide lights right, consumed by the animals, and then it reaches that, you know, because we do, can do we do eat fish, right, we do eat, you know, different type of type of you know, see animals, and here it reaches us. And and even the past, even the you know, like in India, we have a lot of stray dogs and they they feed on garbages and everything. This has to be stopped. And these they they're getting ill, they are dying. You know, the ecosystem is getting disturbed. We are not trying to protect. Now I always go with this. You know, motive plants a tree. You know, it gives us oxygen and that plants and that free gives us fruits and vegetables. So you're getting everything in return. And today what to build the infrastructure with? Trying to cut them off. So we are cutting off oxygen supply. Instead of looking for oxygen in promps and trees, we're looking for oxygen in the OSPITAL. This is what we discussed last time even. Yeah, so conservation is what conservation is something that, you know, we should everybody should be educated. So there are three are you know, it has to be reused, recycle and reduced.

Right. So if we if we reduce a lot of consumption, the consumption of things which is actually affecting the environment, infecting the nature. It's going to be helpful. And Recycling, recycling everything, like in the Western countries things are being recycled now. Recycle is always good and always helpful for the in vironment or nature, right, and planting trees always good. And conserving water, because I believe we are wasting water. We should always close the tap in a hotel washroom or in our personal bathrooms, no matter we are shaving now. When I used to be when I was a child, I always used to read, you know, in the railways and you know, in different magazine saying that when you shave, put off your tap, you're wasting water. Yeah, these are basics. These are basics how to conserve water. I mean, I'm not asking you to drink less, right, but actually conserve water so that people who are needing it in the drought, you know the droughts places of the world like you know it good. You're out in India. The scarcity of water. It different cuts, it different parts of the you know, the countries of the world. They're scarce. Is a huge scarcity of water. Now, how do we try to save it. People used to. People have to use it less, conserve it and because water is our everyday need. We need water for everything and it's a part of the nature. We forget are that we breathe. We are polluting it. You know, eighty percent of the pollution in the biggest cities are all because of emission. There's so many vehicles. We've not we've not moved into, you know, electric vehicles like you know, like all these big brands become these like Tesla. They're trying to manufacture treat vehicles. Now this is going to make a big impact in the nature, the environment and also climate. HMM. Yeah, no, I agree. Or things like, you know, through the waters, you know, the water that we have. You know, a lot of people can use it by, you know, sometimes not thinking about you know, when you're washing your hands or if you are to shave leader water, you know, even if he thinks a good point, is when people in hotels and things like that, because a lot what I'm going because, yeah, Adam, at home we do put off our tact yeah, but when we are in the hotel we are careless. We we do we just keep the APP open. Now, even hotel is a part of this, you know, in this society is the part of the world, right, even they are using water. Even they have this water, rail water, Har it thing technique. Now Rain Water, have it in technique. is also that. There are a lot of ways. There are a lot of ways, you know, but we are not trying to be careful, we are not trying to take care of other. That's why I said human beings, that they are dominating the environment. We are dominating nature. We try to dominate everything. Nature provides US everything and we dominate the nature. Now, this is not right and it's a very serious topic, because people should understand the value of nature, animals, plan human being, everybody. We belong to nature, right, and even being. Because we can talk. We win the race, because we are located within the red. Now we exploit things, we want to all we do it because I need them. Never met, right, Adam, I need them, never met. We want more. If you even if we have a problem back in our pocket, we want them Bouton back right, but that, even if we have to exploit the environment, we would go and do it. Yeah, yeah, no, I agree. I think, like you know, we've been doing it a few years and years, and you only have to look at you know, is it parts of America, you know, the rainforest, where trees are being cut down and building, you know, buildings are being brought into place. I mean that's kind of, you know, in this country as well. You know, there's lots of lot of land and trees are being cut down, the buildings to be built their nature. There's nothing wrong with the trees, nothing one wrong with the land. They just, you know, want upon the money, so they cut down the trees, tear up the ground and a few houses there and you know, it's all about profit and capitalism, you know, and not in a larger sense. And there's that quote, isn't they? It's like a native American quote and it's like when all the trees have all been cut down, the people will realize that money cannot be eaten or something like that. Yeah, yeah, it's like that's very, very, very nice. That very nice. The lame and imagine that we were behind you. It has been arriving from generation. HMM. They have seen your green grandfather and they have been your grand bearing. They're seeing you and they're going to be your children. Right. See The relationship we forget the relationship of...

...plants, trees, animal and then human beings. You know, we always try to be above everybody and that's not right. That's not right, because we need to we need to take care of everything. Now, if the plan was able to move just behind you and give you a hug, it was a different feeling, right, yeah, now that it's just beside you standing, but you could do anything, you can cut it down, yeah, but it's breathing and giving you octigin just right now, as pressure as anything. So that's very important. Yeah. So it is very, very important that we actually conserve, you know, we protect our nature and spread the awareness. People should educate people, people should try to, you know, tell people what's the importance of nature, use the resources properly and ensure that everybody uses the nature in the right way, rather than just me, me, me, and not you. That's not right. HMM. Yeah, not. Definitely agree and definitely, I think I think it's understand, you know, right what you're saying, and I think that people need to, you know, be aware, you know, of their actions and you know, not not just individuals like ourselves, will like, you know, corporations and you know, I see I see a lot in a lot of businesses that use a lot of plastic or cardboard. So so much choice for me. That's all right. Yeah, class sick plastic is a very important point. Now plastic has been banned in India and it's always been in the western places, to Western countries too, but we do have plastic in some of the other palm still being circulated in the market right. So now it's very important to understand the right use and how to avoid plastic, because if any animals consumed plastic, they die, HMM, if they do not become decomposed. Have you tried it ever, bearing a plastic bag in your garden and leaving it first one or two years or three years? Nothing happened. It's still it's still the same. Yeah, they do, weds. We should understand, you know, the why are we miss using things? Even plastic comes out of nature, but nature doesn't want to take it back because it doesn't decompose. HMM. And most importantly is are we are polluting it big time and nobody knows the consequences. You know, too much of carbon monoxide, too much of carbon dioxide, we choke ourselves. Are Your lungs become weak and your lungs become weak, you are corona friendly. This is what people have forgotten. If you become prone to corona, right, if your lungs are weak, your respiratory system there week, you're very, very prone. So you should understand, you should actually understand the value of are, the value of wood and the value of water. That is we're actually getting from this nature and we give back to nature. We don't give anything back to nature. It's only the given. Take, given, take thing in light, right, we take so many things from the nature. What do we give back? Nothing. That's the that's the reason even nature is disappointed today with human being. Yeah, now, I thought I agree. I think like is definitely a highlighting. You know, when the pandemic happen, they saw that levels of pollution went down, I think, especially in China. Yeah, yeah, you know, they could see the day in Italy, they could see the water was clear on the canal. You know, lots of lots of big, big changes, and I think the ozone player is repaired, was repairing as well. You know, a lot of different factors. So I mean, yeah, we need to think about it and, you know, things needs to be point in place. You know how we go abowtens, because you know he carries on the way. Husband. But Adam, when do we when do we wake up? That's the question. When do we wake up? When is the wake up pot? We can discuss it, we can make people aware of it, but when are people when to start thinking about nature? Today, tomorrow, or never? Today, tomorrow and Never. It is today, it now. If we plant a tree today, if we'll start giving you oxygen as soon as it grows. Right, it doesn't wait. So why not plant a tree, conserve water right, right use of water, no use of plastic bag, and educating people about nature and its value. It gives us a lot of things, but we don't give anything back to nature. So if we have to give something back to nature, just plant a tree. And if you plant a tree, it's a blessing. You're doing good. Right,...'re doing good. If that that free will even give shade to you some day. Now it's raining, it's raining. Where do we go? We actually go just below a tree. But when we cut that tree we don't think about we just think about the wood. It gives us the money, it gives us the value, it gives us if we forget that that tree was standing since a long time and new history, its new history of your city, of your place, of your family, but we just cut it down just to build something new, to make money out of it. We cut that free. That's not right. Instead, we people, we we should go and plant a tree anywhere. I think that's the best thing we could do actually to contribute to nature. Do you agree to me? Yeah, you are now, of course are. Do Agree, off Inklay, you know, like business is a corporation just wants to, you know, pay Wood and profit from the lands. And then I'm thinking about, you know, the nature side of things, and I think, you know, we need to you know, we can help by, you know, planting trees, planting you know, putting plants, even as an now in our garden, that's in, you know, certain areas, and you know those trees will grow and the more will grow and, you know, process a life. You know, that's how it should be. That's how, you know, people should think and we should always do something about nature. I mean we forget, we forget that we all are part of this universe, right. We take energy from son we take energy from stars, we take energy from every you know, cosmic bodies outside. Right, it's all of it's all in the nature. It's all happening around us. Now, when we have things around us, we should always respect things around us. Right, not exploited. Human beings are very, very well known for exploiting things. Now, if there is if there is an animal, right, we try to exploit an animal. Also, we try to tease an animal outside. We don't do it to our pet, but outside we do these, it's a human being things. But we should also realize even they they survive, they're part of this nature, right, they are contributing to something. Now, as we discussed earlier, also, everything has a role to play. Right, we have to respect everything. Every living thing on this planet have to be respected. We are all a part of nature. I mean human beings. Why, who are we? Are we super goods? No, we are not. You the you know, the technology, the new ideas, the way we actually try to dominate people, we dominate the environment to we dominate the nature to the nature cannot tell us not to do something right. But yet now, when everything is polluted, right, water is polluted, in ocean, are is polluted due to pollution. Everything is gone and at the end of the day, we are becoming weaker because we are not getting things from the environment and nature that we were getting in the PUREF forms earlier. Now things are not as pure as it was before. Now, when our ancestors and a grandfather's and our parents are now aging and old, how come they're living a better life and a healthier life today? Because they had a cleaner environment, clean nature outside before? Yeah, yeah, no, sertly, do you agree to a point? Yeah, no, I think nothing. You Roy, I think, like you know, there's more production now than the was then. I think, you know, there's more cause there's more emissions, there's, you know, like back then there was more land, those more places you go to, whereas now it's like, you know, roads, buildings, houses, so, you know, proction, production, production, which is just, you know, adding to, you know, the the environment, the ather. We brief. So I think we should leave a message on this, this this important topic that we actually had a very good discussion on, Adam, is that we should always try to, you know, protect nature, protect earth and the values that we get from it. You know, we should use the resources in the right amount and stop polluting the environment. Think about it, use the cycle more than a vehicle. Now, walking to your office. Yeah, keep your cars at home. I know everybody has a good car in the UK. I think they can eat them. So I think you should keep using people should keep them park and start, you know, more on healthy having start walking, you become nature friendy. You can. I have, I know people who. You know who talks to trees? You know? Yeah, yeah, and even Isaac Newton went and sat below the tree. M You would have said anywhere. Imagine gravity, that apple that fell down.

It didn't go up, it fell down gravity and and and you know from that tree. They were laws made. So now we have to respect that free thinking that everyth three Isaac Newton is sitting there. Yeah, we have to make sure. Yeah, we have to make sure that we value things. We've stopped valuing things of nature. So I would want to I want to just leave this message to everybody. Planet Tree, don't see the benefit. You will get the benefit when it's time. Just please, planet tree. HMM. Yeah, if often, use often. This really good point and I think you know what sets completely right. It's true and I think lot people, you know, boy, part doing that. You know boy, getting a plant by panting a tree boy, bring around nature. Yeah, you know, make you feel more grounded and you know, it kind of makes you thought. It makes you think. That doesn't make you think about, you know, the future, the future and future generations and how things yeah, if your kids, your kid, are going to see what that free is going to contribute on plant is going to country, because even plants and tree take time to grow, right, just like us, from small it's big. Then it stopped giving fruits and stop giving everything that we need. And what does it ask from us? Just water, nothing else. The manufactured their own food. What else? What if plants would plants, you know, started eating up? HMM, imagine that. yeahagine that. Yeah, so today they manufactured their own food. So they are all cool, but whating this. Start eating human beings or animals, everybody will be scared. At that time there will be no trees, actual life on this planetizing. Yeah, I thought. I definitely agree. So let's respect free, let's respect nature, let's park on this message, let's let's conserve, let's protect, let's let's make this nature of your for the future generations to come. It is our generations who will come and actually breathe the bad air that we left. Let's leave your are for them, let's leave your water for them, so that they do not need so many distilation systems and FFU refires in their houses. whearing. We could just go outside in the balcony and red fresh air. Yeah, no, exactly, sorl a thing, if you're right, I think, you know, we we, as you know, good way to put out, you know, for to think about your future generations, in your kids, you know, the way we can make a difference by, you know, recycling, not joys in our cause, cycling and, you know, not adding to the problem. Yeah, so I think I think we covered good, good, good points here. What do you think? I think we've covered good points and many people will relate to this video and I think it's good that we switched on from audio to video so that people can see and relate to us and how much, you know, we can talk and spread the awareness to protect nature, protect planet and protect, you know, this entire universe, which is, you know, we are a part of. Yeah, yeah, and and the end, the end, and the most amazing topic that we we should immediately pick up after a serious topic. HMM, our is kids and technology. I of course, when I was a kid, I remember playing Brig Game. Remember Brick Games? Yeah, yeah, the basic brick games. Yeah, I thread the Berk, yeah, basic, yeah, the pile. Now it's in the form of an application on our smartphone, but when we were kid that was my first entertainment system that I got in class for. That's what I remember, and even that would give me a headache if I played it for a longer time. And now when kids are glued, they are they literally glued to cell phones and tablets, apart from personal computers. I mean we were taught to be on personal computers and actually try and do some Google, try and research. Today, when, when the kids are sitting on a laptop or a personal computer, the straightaway go and download again. M The first question is that, do you have this game on your system? Do you have this game on your phone? I mean, what's happening, Adam? What's happening? Is this everything all about games? Well, I think as well. Yeah, I mean it's definitely exploded. A many years ago you could get a game on, it was just on your computer. World. Now you can out on your phone, you can have a tablet on a playstation in games of fun you know. But I think is that balance of how much you play those games. I mean... nowadays, they're given screens and, you know, the given screens are at a young age. You know, I told you of before. I've worked in restaurants and I sat around the table and they wunst a tablet in front of their kids and the kids like, you know, playing it and they're not even talking to the kid. And then the kids begin to grow up, you know, thinking us the norm, and then they become addicted. So they growing up and I just always glue to screens, always needing a screen. And I think, you know, screen technology is great. You know, Games are great. Or is that balance of how much you use it and when you give it to your kids, or if you give it to your kids? And and why do we give you know, why do we give give tablet proponed when they are about to eat? Hmm? It's all it com into back that. I don't know, like when you are give the egg, HMM, will be then need we were gold it. We were gold it to eat. You're not given something in the devive on our phone like a little look at this and eat. No, that's not how it works. And you a bit now due to this, the mental system, you know, the mental the kids are getting weaker from their brain now gotten how to think widely. Now when you are when you actually releave everything just games. You know what happened? Right? And Technology can be used widely, like research, like a lot of things, like Wikipedia, button, when it's not used widely, specifically in the form of games and application, those which are not important for us, you know, or child life, when he's in this very important growing years where every parent wants the child to be intelligent, because there is a jungle waiting outside. There is a jungle waiting outside. This is world waiting outside. When you finish school and college, you go out of your fight. No Games will help you. What will help you with wisdom. How how much of your brain can actually take take things outside? How much you can, you know, actually count to people? You know how it is outside, right, remember your first job? I remember my first job. Everybody was on top of me as if, you know, some animal has come to this system and everybody tries to bully you, will try to ask you different sort of questions. But whether games and this this back technology plays a rule, I don't know. I mean at least not with kids. M Yeah, now I agree. I think, like you know, playing games it's not, you know, doesn't really prepare for real life. You know, through your life you build social skills, you B would experiences, like I said, when you're your first job, I mean, I'm never going in a restaurant and you're forvery nervous set people saying things to you, ask questions. So your kind of you know, your front, you comfort zone. And Yeah, I think it needs to be no like playing games. It needs to be like or, you know, just technology and screens and, you know, giving your kids a book instead talking to your children, you know, engaging with them. People think give their kids screens to lie, you know, shot them up because you know the light destructed by it when they're having a mail. Our start something I've seen heavily, you know, in this country and in the staves, bar finger, I mean when I spoke to you last time, you said that in your tradition, your culture, you know, you you engage with your Fundi as you talk about your day. As you know, very big big fan what I believe. But I believe in our country, when we sat on the dining table, we discussed certain things. We discussed certain things. What happened in the day? Would like to that's a very healthy thing. Now, imagine every family member sitting in the dining table had tablets in front of them and they're talking to the tablet and they're playing games while eating. How would it look? I've seen it is by you feel it now, because you're teaching this. Give to actually see something and eat. So they're learning this and they're going to take this in the future too. They want to see something while they're eating. M Right now we need a television while we eat, whereas we should be having a family get together, eating together, laughing together, Mary making because life is all about have being around family, and this thingnologies denting every part of family. Right. Just imagine. This is game called public right. Yeah, yeah, and I want to mention because half of in there, the young people, their blue too, pumps in the night and sleeping in the daytime. Yeah, highest amount of downloads. It has a higher number of downloads in India, I think, apart from any games, if I'm long, if I'm correction, I don't know. So why do we build games to to to actually generate addiction? I don't know. Games should be entertaining. HMM and no, people are also having bad eyed tide. Wh You playing a lot of games. They're forgetting that that the closer you go to your...

...screen, your retina is actually being effective. We forget it's a human eye. We forget everything and we are busy playing. We playing as if we're winning a World Cup. So I think it's time that, you know, technology should be used wisely. warnting is appropriate. Before we have this playstation. We have it now as well. So the parents had restricted a time for one hour half and now you play and you go, you know, do you both study and then you eat and rest. Right now, you have it on the phone or a tablet. There's no restriction, y'RMS. Yeah, no, sir, there's no restriction. Right. So I think kids should be actually told that, you know, you things wisely, because it's not giving them any benefits. How does how does getting stuck to games or application which is not helpful to you? How does it help the kids? I know a doubt. We have the right to actually to what is right and wrong and which application we have to use. Right now, kids, they do not know we have pop up coming to the Internet. And Internet is a big it's a big market place. It's a big marketplace where they're looking for vulnerable users to actually download your application. Right now, you download that application, you have an access to your data and now the date. Now that data is accessible to all. This is what people have forgotten in many countries, in many part of our country as well, that everything is about data. Right, you exchange. Now, when we go to a game, we have to make sure that you log in with your facebook. HMM, now your facebook is valerable. You Agree? I agree. I think you know. Our data is useful, like you know a lot of different things. Now, even if you you know, like you want to go and going again, you have to silence a facebook of a silence your email. You have the past on some kind of information, information, and I think, like you know, children, the video games. I play video games growing up and are still play them now, but now I know the I'm where the concepts of time. Now, you know, no, I'm ever older. So before, when I you know, when I was younger, I spend hours on again, whereas now I know that it's not good. You know, one because of your eyesight, you health, physical health, sow the time so you know some ballencesn't it? And you know, children could be given a book, they could be spoken to, the could be taken somewhere. You know, I think it's something as well, because these Games are get the graphics and the picture in the Games are getting better and better and better and almost lose people in because the graphics is a amazing that's all kind of done to get your attention. Yeah, if you're Leo, learn easily and you're trapped. Even if you go do a facebook anybody, if you click something, you know you have some. Now even Games are advertising on facebook and also social media because they want you to download that application. We forget this information. People should get this information right that we forget that. They want you download the game and get used to it. And today games are very addictive. It wasn't like, you know, earlier day, earlier, we always were looking for a new CD or a new version or a new game. Right now things have changed. We are actually in that one specially game for a month. I don't know. We are trying to make out on plan. Clash of clan is very addictive again in India. Is Very addictive in India, and or it is fine to play games. It is very good, you know, if you you your brain need some sort of entertainment, if it's in the form of game, they find. But there's always a limit to it. There's always a limit to it and there's always a time frame. The this spethefiic time is meant for you to spend on technology. Like we are using technology wisely to go on a video call and trying to, you know, make people aware. Now who people who can benefit from it will definitely benefit. Some would call it like as if you know, like we are anti game, but we are not. Even I play games when I have to, but I know which game, what time and I shouldn't play before I close my eyes at night because it's actually hurting my eye. Yeah, yeah, no, I agree or think like you know, as we grow growth, we kind of, you know, like said, bunce out. We know the health effects in the benefit, you know, and the benefits are as you know too, and saying ourselves. But you know, as kids, we other think kids have that concepts time because they own they they just take addicted to it. They wanted. Now it's like a my proper players video games and... know, I turn off. I'm like you knows, he's going to bed them. I look and it's off now, number turn off, you know, pick the kids go ballistic. I'm what we are, but it's like, you know, might be eleven o'clock, you know, meant to be going to bed. So, yeah, I think it's heavily in orter. Nothing is every important or I think you know, kids need to be taught about the kids need to be educated on the benefits and beneficient not to help problems are connector if you're not buncing out. Yeah, I think it's really important. Open your thing is very important and it is important that you know, parents know that what the kids want. Why are they? Are they being just you to gain? What happens? Why are they struck to their tablets of poms? Because it is very important you know that understand your child and what they want and what is disturbing them. Why are they wanted to just be glue to gain? What is it? What is it? So it's all about we trying to educate these kids, to you think why, you know if you think wise and make sure that you know they don't overdo it, which is affecting the affecting them, the society. There are bringing. Who wants? Who wants people, you know, who want kids to be, you know, thrown back from the society or amongst them, friends and their friends, because, you know, you become Dune. If you're too much into technology, if you're too much into all these game, you become dull from your brain. You forget thought, property stop thinking. You just want to play games. Nothing else. I mean games does not give you obs outside, does it? I mean, if there were a game that, if you cross this level, you would get a job, that I would play. Yeah, I would play. So it's about, yeah, using it for time and parents are actually worth giving the phone to the kids when in India. In India, Adam, if you actually, if if I may say, I have seen out of ten, okay, out of ten, nine, parents give their phones to their child when they actually eat food. Even me. Yeah, this is very famous game called COD base this part of I don't know, what is it? COCO MELON? You must have heard about it. Yeah, all the kids, all the kids, are watching it. Why are you food? I think even kids to not be given access to television when they eating. HMM. In fact, teach them, in fact talk to them, in fact try to make them understand, in fact, teach their names, sees them something. The parenting is directly responsible. If you're a good parents, how will we raise when we were kids, we're always kept away from television. We were given a time and you can watch it only from this time. In India, we were given a time and we should already only watch television at that secnic time. It wasn't like now. Any time, any time during the day, sleeping or waking up, exactly like smartphones. Smart phones are become our best friends and our best friends are becomes just like an application on our home hmm. Yeah, now ask US some definite make sure think it doesn't look like that's how things used to be. Like television, you know, is on. So I know in this country television like it used to go off, people watching nothing. They had like the play lot, the national anthem at lunch and o'clock, and I'm a TV would go off, there is no more channels, and it was like a four, five channels, and it would just cut off. And then I'd be like at dots on the screen, because that was a whereas that? Now, you said, you can oh, yeah, a that thing on the screen. Yes, yet I do remember. Yeah, I used to think they were ants moving in the screen. That was that was when we were growing up and I think that was good. Nothing's coming on the TV, so you don't watch it right something coming. You want to watch it. It's like we always want. The one in human being is dominating everything. Now we have a game. Imagine you and I download a game and we started playing it. We want to play more and more. The one increases, if never degrees. So we have to control the want. Now, even if when we're trying to eat, eat a peeps outside, we want to eat more. The one never end. So the want of using technology never ends. We should make sure that we use it wisely so that everybody benefits from technology. Use It for research, use it for reading. You you just comparison. You know, you better study and try to make sure that it's used widely. Now, giving an access of Internet to children is also very dangerous at the right age. And if you're not at the right age and you give... access to Internet and WI fighter children, they are not benefiting from it. The actually, you know, they're not using it widely. They're actually we're actually losing a lot of things. Do you reader that yeah, yeah, no, I agree. I think, like you know, we do need to use it wisely. We need to use it for, you know, studies and you know, there's a lot of benefits to technology. You know, if you want to find someone now, you can google find out. You know, you can, you can do an essay. You know, you can do some research work and then they would a case, you know, the case to do, and then upload that to a website which are then going to going to use it. or You could have bload to a magazine. You know, there's lots of benefits. You know, start a blog, you know, like podcasting. You know, this what we're doing right now. There's lots of benefits. So people need to think about how they use it. You know, technology isn't about too, it's the person. That is. How they how the person uses as really and it is. It is, it is very, very important. Like, you know, parents, how the teach, you know, your children, the filing how to use technology. How do you Internet? How do you phone? How do you tablet? What are the benefits? What are the advantage is tomorrow, if your children are more glue to technology than you and how do you build a family? How do they listen to you. They will never listen to you when you tell them to do something. If you tell somebody go if your dinner at eight PM and that they're busy playing a game, they would not listen to you. They will play the game. Yeah, no, I gress definitely be got them addicted. Right, we give them, we gave them the phone while they were eating, and now we are telling them to eat and leaving the phone. Will they listen to you know, we give them the phone while they were eating. Right now they have the phone. Why will they eat? They will first play, finish the game, and then they will give importance to food, which is very important. The priority becomes technology over food. Now this is affecting everybody. It also affects your health, your mental state. Depending on technology to live is wrong, which is rather depend on people around, because it's people who can share, its people who can help you learn. It's how we educate, you know, make each other aware of things. That is parents who give those and parents are giving them phone. Take phone. No, that's wrong. Yeah, now, I agree. Couldn't agree more. You know, we we yeah, we need we need to luck such, just be very, very careful how we turve offense, because you know once you put the says, for example, the phone, you give the kids top phone us, then they're all from that moment almods. They're always going to be useful and always wanting that. So if you give your hit ice cream after they enough to always can be once in my ice cream after them. Yeah, it's all in the cycle, like what we get used to now, brushing a seat in the morning. We were told to brush teeth in the morning, right so we followed it. Rushing our teeth before sleeping. We were told to do that. Right now we're giving phone to you, our children and saying that use the phone while eating. It's a gone case, M it's a complete gone cake now, as we discounts technology, Internet has every sort of information which is not meant for to growing children. Right it could be anything. So restricting them and trying to give an access for a limited period of time and ensuring that they benefit from technology, they benefit from smartphones and tablity is the responsibility of parent, rather than getting away of the responsibility of getting more time to feed them. They actually give them a phone, because if you give a phone, they're busy playing the game and you're busy feeding next. Right, this is how it happens. Instead, talk to them, give them more time and see they become better human being. They grow better. Right. So this is what's happening. I think this is what message I want to pass on to everybody was watching our that, you know, technology, parenting, smartphone, gain application, pace will instagram, everything is intil it interrelated, but there is a right age for it. And if the age is right, they can have an access to everything. Now, if we're eighteen years old, we can have an access to everything. Right. So everything should happen at the right time in life so that we have a phase of growing. We got become adults when we are ten years old, because we have an access to everything on our pon right. So we misuse it and we don't know what's happening next. So there are a lot of traps also, simile, a lot of scams rolls online.

So we have to be very careful. We have to be very, very careful or what we do, whom do we talk to? Who Do we connect on on, you know, online or sitting on different social media, because kids are also using on a social media to connect to people and they're collected to random people in the world and they don't know who are they. This is wrong, not ten years to earlier, having facebook accomets. I don't know what Mark Zukerberg is doing. I do not know. Where is this authentication system and the verification process? I do not know. So not only game, even social media. You know, thearents should actually bow their kids to use social media, you know, at at a certain age, and make sure that they get into it at a certain age where and they can benefit and connect to people whom they know, not unknown people who can actually dent in different ways. There are a lot of you don't know who's sitting on social media. Even I don't know. If I get a friend, it right, I accept it and I don't know what they're doing. They can tract happier computer, do anything, because everybody is not a technic person, right not. If, if there's a tough way in Genea, you give him your phone, you can take out every date of in your one. So data. You know what data, value of data is, and everybody in the world is learning what data is, and that's by downloading anything, any application or something. We're giving access to the company, to everybody, to actually use your data in any way. Yeah, now, I think for you said people, it's not just games and video games and things like that, it's social media is a big, big one as well, and are found now on like, you know, instagram and link turn people try and connect with you and you look on that profile and I just says, you know, not much, very much information. You can just tell with that's a fake account or if it's just a random of beach you. You don't know who that person is to you actually engagement, you know. And why do we? Why do we have to connect to people who are big? We think we are very smart at and we think we are very, very smart, but at the end of the day we forget. But they are smart people sitting there. Yeah, we always forget. There is smart, smarter and smartest. We think we are the smartest, but at the end of the day will land up being dumb. Yeah, one small mistake over the Internet could could actually hit you hard, and we should be very careful with every friend request, every connect, every professional connect. You know, we should be very careful of when we click the accept buttons and we have to ensure that using technology. Why is is very, very important and always speak advice from elders, because they know better than up right, and and always help our children learn from technology, learn from the Internet, rather than harm them in different forms. That's that's all. I would want to stay here on this topic. HMM, you are not. I think you prey up wings. Put it here in a no shell. You know how how it should be. Poor like region or I think you know. People need to be aware of you know what they're doing. Yes, they should. They should. Everybody who uses the phone should know the benefits and should know the disadvantages, to the advantages and the disadvantageous. So before you press that except botton, think twice you would it harm you? Could it benefit you? If it would harm you, click the no button and move on. Never give an access to anybody on your phone over the Internet. The data can be circulated, can be used against you, can be done anything. The very, very careful of what we do, because everything is in our hand today, before we need us to go to a SABRAC APPIT to access internet. Today it's on our phone, on a tablet, on a computer, and we are not wise enough to make the choice because we think every application is good, every game is good, but we don't know the disadvantage, what it can do to us and the society and the family. Yeah, I agree, already a great yeah, it's right, I think. You know, people just need to be careful instang you know, be educated really on how to be careful online, because people, like you said, anyone can access and it's all. You know, off you go on your way, you know, a bit like, for example, like you can buy boats, you know, in this country you can buy Bo you don't need a license, you don't need it, any training, you can just buy bones off into the ocean. So it's crazy. It's crazy. It is without this but the same thing. And so you...

...need you need to educate on a thing before they do. You know, look, look at look at the negatives as well. Yes, yes, so I think. I think it's great. I think it's great them. I think we've actually bought the topics in a great way and this video should actually relate to many. Who Washes it, because we picked up things from the environment, nature, kids, technology, parenting. Ever, is in one basket and it's a positive message. Right. Yeah, we have a clear we have a clear motive to, you know, be positive and pass on this message to everybody that whatever we do should be done in the limits. If it's done in limits, we benefit and as it crosses the limit, it's harmful. And it's up to you to choose the right way, right direction, right parenting and everything, because at the end of the day, those kids are going to be paring tomorrow and they are to train people and kids. Right, Fay's all there. It's all there in the community. It's all there and they are bringing it's all there. Things are there. Use It wisely, benefit from it. That's all I would say. Yeah, no, it's only, I think, like said, punity. Use It wisely and, you know, even if they're not being educates on it, so they'll have to learn to themselves. Were so? Yes, yes, yes, yes, so, I think. I think, Adam, we should wrap it up here. Yeah, because a the let the length of the video has been pretty good. Now, yeah, and and we have touched, I think, amazing topics. And Yeah, I hope, I hope, I hope you get a good response and give me a good feed back to yeah, and I'm not thinking of your Sunday evening. I know how Sunday evening is celebrated in the UK. I know. So, I know you're all set to go out somewhere for a drive. Maybe. Yeah, and you have a great evening ahead. And Yeah, let's let's see what kind of response we get from this one. I hope you enjoyed it. Yeah, yeah, enjoy. I always enjoy our charts. So time, that's audio. This is video. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I enjoy about okay, great, great, Adam. Thank you so much and have a great warning ahead. Yeah, thank you so much, and it's always a pleasure to talk to you and share our experiences, which can value people help people do better in life. Yeah, no, you're very, very welcome. So for us, and you know, it's very good to talk to you on video. It's good connect you a can you always day charts and you know, I think locks be taken from it and you welcome even I don't know, Rock Adam, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Thanks. You can welcome any time, any time, chers mate sere. Take care. All the best of Oak.

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