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The Parrsitivity Podcast #Episode 96 Rachel Poole (Gen -Z)


In this podcast I'm joined by Rachel Poole, Rachel is a leadership coach. In today's Podcast we talk about generation Z Instagram: @LeadershipwithRachelPoole --- Send in a voice message:

Hither. My name is Adam Po and the podcast host posity to podcast. In this podcast, you will be listened to me connect with people from different walks of life, from the military to people in the music industry, to people in the self help industry and many other areas of life. In this podcast I'll be talking about topics from self help, mental health, motivation, spirituality, mindset, society, current affairs and much, much more. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, share and let me know your feedback. And my main intention on this podcast is to have a positive impact for you, the lit the listener, to take something positive from it, to apply something positive into your life from this. Now with without further ado, let's go to podcast and enjoy. Hi, and welcome to the polities of podcast. Into Day's episode, I'm joined by Rachel Pool. Rachel is a leadership coach. In this episode we talk about Generation Zed, millennials and the part that generation zed play in our society and much more. Now, sit back, relax, enjoy this episode. Yeah, yeah, yeah, good, good, yeah, I'm good. Funk you just just I'm enjoying this nice whether where it's where I'm a it's done. How long it's going to last four, but we'll see. You know British well, we have a little bit of a heart weather this morning. Schedule for today. We're about to be about a hundred and one today. Oh my God, us because your own texts, right. Yes, I am so. You get all the all the fun, whether on your sides. Oh, yes, it's going to be a hot week, because you can like tornadoes and things. I don't, you know, it's just like a normal thing. They like put these sirens on in it. We do, we do. But but for having me today? No, you're very, very welcome. You know. It's I'm very grateful and humble to have you, to have you go on, because I see that your leadership coach for, like you know, generations women to help discover that potential and, like you know, come better in themselves. I am so. I've been studying a little bit the Gen Z, you know, just a Gen z culture, and they're just a very mighty and powerful you know. You know, what I found is that most of them, not all, but most of them are values driven.

They're interested in equality. Their focus competitive. They ralluy behind pauses that resonate with them. The strong opinions. You know, they want their voice to be heard. They seek more efficient, not additional route. They actually have high expectations for businesses to be loyal to them. They go on individuality and their self confident. They have a very fast aid, second filter, where they process information so quickly and they want real change. They get more involved with you know, they want to be an agent for change. So I think that we're in a very good precedent time, you know, with a lot of things that are going on. They want progress, they want to take part. They're driven by collective action, you know, and they're stronger and more resilient, and so I've kind of, you know, really taken just really want to be part of that endeavor in what they want to achieve. The one thing that the only thing that I see as a disadvantage is time and experience. You know, they're young generation, so they don't have the time to have experienced and find out what works and what doesn't work. So kind of been wanting, you know, want to partaken in that culture. Yeah, Nice, that's awesome and I think like it. You're completely right in what you said, you know, in regards to generation Z. I mean my my two younger brothers are eighteen and, you know, one thousand four hundred and fifteen, and they're their generation, Jen, Jen Zoo. You know, they're born into like, you know, the Internet on. They're born into this world where, you know, the Internet's already active and I can kind of a late to what you know. I can see what you said, you know, and in their traits and, you know, I said the very I find that they're very strong world. They you know, talk about change, you know, the environment, the world and, like you said, they've got all this driver and energy to go into, you know, these areas. But it's, like said, it's just that that time and experience, I think that some of them don't have and we see that. I think is that that that played the girl fund fumbergetter from book. She's must be having. She's generation Z and she's, you know, kind of falls as that category, doesn't she's a really big, big advocate for change in the world. You know, I think one of the interesting parts about that generation is they feel almost obligated to partake in these big, you know, movements, causes individuality, that they are responsible for change. It's very interesting, you know, and I thought those are all characteristics of a true leader. They have the potential to lead and really make some big differences and impact and in whatever they choose to. You know where other generations might have had the adverse, you know, the adverse situation where...

...didn't have those characteristics and all of that. But want, you know, just want it. Just knew you wanted to make a difference. Take me for example, you know, I kind of felt like I've always been born for a bigger cause, to make a big impact. I just didn't know for what or how. And this generation, Gen Z, they they wholehearted me, know and believe and have all these great potential ability to lead. And so I feel like the leadership, coaching and mentoring would really just take them to that level. And so that is what I'm passionate about with this generation. See that they have all this drive, like you said, and energy. I love that you characterize it as such, because that is true. The drive, the energy is there. I think that they need, you know, the mentoring and coaching is just going to accelerate all of that to put it into action. HMM. Yeah, I think they need understanding and nurtured down there. I think they they need like you said that that bridge, that mentoring in, that guidance going to the right areas and that support. I remember I was watching like a live stream of Garry v and he had the use talking about generation zed and I watched a few minutes of it. was very interesting. I was like a young girl on it and I think she was like fourteen, fourteen years of eight years of age, and she was talking, you know, about all these big, deep topics, you know, very adult topics, and it kind of blew up mind and I was like Gosh, like you know, she's, you know, very old soul and got all these values in place. So I mean there's some people who like, you know, thirty, forty, you know, putting my twenty six, who don't know, you know, don't really think about these such things. Nothing. That's the that's the Fino stands out, isn't it? They they've got always absolutely exactly. I mean, you know, think about it when you were fourteen. I mean when I was fourteen, I didn't think about those huge, big issues like that. There was no way. But this generation is so fascinating in that I've done, you know, a lot of research and I study. I had there's a study out there and, like you said, they start as early as eleven four, fourteen, thousand, five hundred and sixteen. And you're reading their comments and their dialog in here. Like I mean is you're just blown away. HMM. Yeah, it's something younger bother. He's he's eighteen and he he's he's very switched on and he very scientifics into science and, you know, talks about, you know, things are going wrong with the world and people and it kind of, I think, because they're born into lot, you know, this this era and there's a lot happening. Was a lot happening, and they can kind of see the cracks that need, you know, repairing. I think where was I think because that, you know, there's lots of different things up and climate change and all the rest of it. The thinking more about, me know, a future generations as well, was I think, like I'm from the you know, the llennial whereas you know, it's very often. You've probably seen differences, you know, between Blani was a Gen zcause lot in the few similarities, but, as a lot of you know, differences. That's very interesting. Oh, yes, very there is a lot of differences than Millennium Generation. You know, was a lot different than the Gen Z. and you know, the thing with Gen...

Z is that they're a little bit there. They are more, a little bit more individual, they like to work independent and they feel it's on them to make this change. So, you know, we're in a good time for them to step up and take the lead, you know, own their individuality, their own mission and causes, and even in a career setting. there. They are going into careers now. They just graduated eighteen, nineteen, two thousand and twenty four. You know, whether they graduating from high school, graduating from college, they are entering either higher education, alternative education or a career, and they have and they're a big generation as well as far as numbers. So they can really impact a lot of huge issues, whether it's environmental equality, politics, all of that stuff, and careers. The industry can change just with them going into the workforce as well. HMM. I think, like did you think, like workplaces in your industries, kind of need to really think about Gen Z and really like, you know, how they approach it. That makes sense. Like if they have someone yens, he's got shown values, how they kind of get the best out of them? Yes, I have done that. Research and you know, employers are looking into how do they reach the gens day and how do they work with the Gen Z and capitalize that for their benefit, you know, a different generation, and so kind of like, you know what we talked about, you know, taking all of those strong will, drive and energy and capitalize. One of the interesting facts I found out about that is that Gen Z, they don't really they don't find who you are as important as what you are. So they gravitate to businesses, industries, employers or mentors or LE leaders that represent and show up in whatever they that resonates with them. It's it's like you have they look at what you stand for, what you represent. Do you have the same interest that resonates with them, whether it's equality, you know, environmental or, you know, leadership in general. That is kind of what their generation is about. And so as employers, business industries, even then brands, they're looking at us to see if we represent something that resonates with them. Not Too concerned about what we've done, who we are. You know the titles and you know what we've accomplished. That's not what resonates with them at all. So it's a very interesting how they view employers, businesses, brands, on coaches in general. HMM. Yeah, no, I found out when I've worked some places with, you know, people from the Gens, a generation and, like you said, like other people. You know, the conversation. Some people say, you know, what do you do? You know, like those that usual kind of conversation starts was to thro gendering generations are, you're very folks on about a young Beep, saying you know what you're doing, why you're doing... know, rather than what you've done previously. Right. So, you know, with leadership, mentoring and coaching, you know, switching up from their characteristics and what they're about. You know, the the one thing that is that their disadvantage again is time and experience to make that transition to taking it into action. Time, experience only comes with time and experience. Unfortunately, their driving energy is so fast paced and so strong that, you know, a person like me that wants to help in that area would be to accelerate and help them with everything that we've experienced because we've lived a little bit more, you know, longer than they have. We have time on, you know, on our side and our experiences with leadership. So taking that and doing. Mentoring and coaching will just accelerate that to take in action. You know, talking about digging up what's behind all that drive and energy. Is Important to take action. You know the leadership skills. You know resilience, empathy, compassion and confidency. You know, confidence, communication. How they can utilize those skills and, you know, accelerate to make that difference of their own. So mentoring is huge for this Gen z. You talked about employers, you know, really taking a look at mentoring and coaching this generation so they do accelerate that potential and make a lot of change, you know, for the for the good. There's no need to try to figure it out all on their own. A lot of them, you know, might just be sitting there having of this internal burning desire, but what to do with that could be a stumbling block. So Mentoring and coaching will accelerate what they are what they are born to to do. HMM, yeah, now I agree. I think, like often thought, a pressure probably on them as well to figure out exactly what it is that they're going to be going to do, even more so, I think, you know, with the rapids development of society in the world and well, these jobs and opportunities. You know, like there's a lot of pressure on them. I think you know that when I was at school, you didn't have to stay, because I kind of miss that line where you had to stay in school to I think I'll education to use eighteen, whereas you know, they have to stay in more education on in that's more the focus and the seeing all these problems and things are going on in the world and they're probably looking at you know, what is it our want to do? How can I be, you know, supportive, because I mean, I think I about that growing up as well, but I think, yeah, they're growing up in this time where so much to do and it's such a fat fast pace, I think. I mean, you know, they're that being born into an ARA, you know, like any an ever ever, right. I mean they have they have that a second filter. They can absorb so much and they make decisions are really, really quickly. So, you know, the mentoring and coaching to grab their attention and help them with all this drive and energy...

...and potential is huge. You know, there's a lot of leadership coaching out there and mentoring. I found that. You know, there's that leadership coaching for execut you know, Executive Leadership, coaching for entrepreneur wars, for older generation, for you know, for college students. But I think it starts a lot further back, like Jim, and so that is what my background is. I have, you know, quite a bit of years of working with at risk youth and so I just put the two together and I believe in mentoring and coaching. You know, I was, I think that the way that I was able to move through career, you know, promotion and opportunities was through mentors. And now people, you know, it's coaching and you know, there's a lot to be said for that as a tool for this generation. And they were. So did you have me them? Yes, but you know, there's a lot of young people now I see on the Internet, you know, who were doing these start ups. It's entrepreneur you'll start ups, and some of them generation Z and a lot, you know, might be fifteen, sixteen years old, like I hi did a podcast with a guy really down to worth person. He's like sixteen years old and he's a music PR manager. You know, he's sixteen and he's starting out in the music industry, helping his friend WHO's a music artist get out there and he, you know, he's he's got all this ambition and drive to be successful. But, like you said, the only thing that he's lacking is they the experience side of things. And I think, like people can kind of look at people with ages and people are, you know, he's only fifteen or sixteen, and I think, you know, they need to be taken seriously because it doesn't really matter away into ords it no, actually, and I'm so glad you mentioned that. I mean they you will see. I mean, you know, I love that. You know, you were saying fifteen, sixteen. They are taking action already and they you know, I think you've talked about this and previous live streams, that you do losing that view. They don't have that, you know, they go out and just do it. They have a drive, they have the energy, they want to make this difference and they just get out and do it. And so I think with mentoring and coaching, I mean, could you imagine having someone, you know, mentor and coach as a fall back to help pay the way and acceleberate that young yet young man's, you know, career in entrepreneurship? I mean he he's way on his way. Yeah, no, exactly. It's it's pretty it's pretty fascinating because also think about, you know, when I was sixty, I think to myself, what was I do exactly. It was as if, somewhat if I said somebody's going to be a manager, or I'm doing this one thing about doing coaching at sixteen, people are, you know, crazy. Exactly. I think, you know, the the kind of the generator. I think that they're not really thinking, thinking about what people have said, you know, thinking about them. They just kind of doing and executing. And do do you think that this generation's kind of suited towards certain career past? I think they kind of all. Do you think that's just kind of like widespread? They can...

...kind of you know, I kind of find, you know, it interesting. You know, there are a lot of young people in this generation that are gravitating more entrepreneurship, but in one of the studies that I saw is that, despite of all of that, they still are somewhat conservative and want stability. So if they are going into an industry or a career, the company and the industry have to resonate with their bigger pick. Sure, if that makes sense. Yeah, so, you know, companies and employers who are making a difference, that are standing up for a cause or a mission or a purpose. As they gravitate towards that, not so much just because they need a job and want to make a living and and, you know, become the CEO or climbed through the corporate ladder. They're more interested and resonate with companies that aligned with their views and interest so it's almost like a half and half. I mean you do see a lot of entrepreneurial journey time of pathway with Gen Z, but you still have the other part where they're going into careers and want to stability. They seek alternative education, alternatives, you know, bite sized to development training. They do not like to participate in a long, drowned out, you know, a series of training. It's bite size and it's quick because they can absorb it. You lose their interests. So it's about half and half. I would say. HMM, no, that's that's it. I'll find off for really interested talking about it. I think I've ever. It's not something that man as this. I've never done it in a podcast before. I've spoken about it really right like. Do you think that journey like this generation that is becoming more what's the art would visible in the medium? Different. There's more media coverage around jhen Z defink. What different? Know? I think I think in today, you know, with everything that's happening today, I think that the generation is being showcased on the media. However, it's not, you know, advertised or presented as the Gen Z generation. I did see, like yourself, I follow Gary v. They did have a segment on Gen Z and I was so excited, you know, and so I haven't seen it too much in social media or in just the media, but that is what, you know, we need to I feel like that's where I come in is, you know, that's my passion and my drive and I have a huge interest for leadership for that generation and so putting it out there a little bit more and, you know, putting it in the fourth right, because I'm afraid, kind of like what you mentioned earlier, I'm afraid that society or just in general might be seeing that sixteen year old, one thousand seven hundred and eighteen old. They're just so young and they're not taking it serious. But if you dig a little bit deeper into everything about the Gen Zy and and look at studies and talk to these generations and, like yourself, you have family that are in that generation, you can quickly see that we really should... investing in this generation. Yeah, no, massively. I think some businesses and people might see as a threaten some way because it's a strength. You've got like a lot of strength and a lot of, you know, ideas and values. I think some people probably haven't or they they just see as you know, a strength. So they kind of want to overlook it, probably, and I think that that happen. That's the case what I've seen all I won't go too much on about it, but I gret a phone, but I know a lot of people that don't like anything. Why is this young girl got all these ideas, you know, because of her age? So, okay, you people trying to overlook it or might feel threatened by I think they just need to accept it. And I haven't seen as many. I haven't seen much cover John Generations at compared to lot. You know, my generation, millennials, like exactly. If I go on Youtube or type of motivational video, you know, it's almost saying that anything wrong with it. I'm just saying this is what I've seen and I think the first kind of video I saw Millennius was Simon Senec like I Samsen, that key did a yes, video on Millennius, which is, you know, I could have lated to its very interesting, but I think, as you know, time goes on, you know, it should be put into, you know, the medium much more, in the news, much more because, you know, this is life and this is, you know, a generation that's coming and it needs to be welcomed, isn't it? I think, because if you had kids, you, pardon me, if you have children new and our generation, you want them to be knowledge for who they all wanted to exactly. You know, I agree with you with everything you said, you know, millennials. We heard, and I mean they were always, you know, in the media and there was a lot of you know, focus on the Millennium Generation and I think we need to, you know, we, you and I, have some work to do to, you know, send the message about this Gen z generation, because they are the they are there to make a difference and they have so many qualities, so many so much energy and drive, like you said, to to lead and, you know, leadership, coaching, mentoring employers, to do that same concept entrepreneurs, to mentoring coach all of this potential out there, we would be doing a disservice for us, for our future. Yeah, yeah, mustily, and they have so much drive as well. I worked with a girl in a hotel and she was a European and she came to all, I live in a place called Cornwall, and she came to work in the hotel. He was like fifteen, sixteen years old, you know, flew to England by yourself, from Europe, didn't speak very much English, you know, built up English skills, never worked in a hotel before and you know, she did all this by myself. I was like, you know, like this, it stands out. To stand out, I mean there are people, you know, my generation, of the generations, have done that as well, like you said, like young people, some young people who got so much drive, so much ambition, and you know, it needs to be, you know, acknowledged, because it's there. are going to feel valued. If they were a look to mayre going to you know, probably a lot of resentment if they're not accepted in their values.

On appreciate it and it needs to be nurtured, like you said, they need that coach in mentoring, because I will then propel them to the next level if there, if they feel what you know, valued and appreciate it enough, and that's what you want when you go into a business or corporation. That's what I have always you earned for when I've gone into a workplace. You know that valued, being appreciated and you know, if you got a mentoring alongside that, and I'll be great. Exactly exactly. I think it's a win win for everyone. You know, you know, I know we have we're about to close, but I wanted to say that you know, leadership, you know, it's not a title, it's a person that you know influence, a movement, for mission, a purpose and people. And when you are in as a business or, you know, an employer and you have a mission and you have a purpose, you would want to, you know, pull in those drinks from this generation to take you to that next level. They do have strengths that we, you know, my self included, that we might have not possessed at an early age because of the cold, you know, the jet, the generation that we're from. But this generation has a lot of great qualities and you know, as a leader in business, as a leader in an employer setting, capitalizing on all of those strings and taking away the you know, not being threatened or that these, you know, young people are coming to change my my environment. Gravitating and working with them, you know, will take them to that next level, you know, as a company, as as an employer, as an industry, as a brand. You know, pulling those people in from that JEN Z is is a win win for both the person and that employer or entrepreneur or, you know, industry. Yeah, no, I often that's a really good point and I agree with what you said. And like it's been times where, you know, I'll be around the table with my family and we're talking about something, certain topics, you know, my point purpose of both generations at and you know that they have kind of come together and they called these like strong opinions or ideas on things, and it's like, you know, me my moment from both different generations from each other on them and we kind of thing to ours Alves. Like you know, it kind of can blow you away. Sometimes it can be like, you know, Gosh, okay, yeah, you know, it's not not like a heated argument, but they like they got their own opinions, their own solid opinions on things, on so on, some, you know, big scales, you know, from like, you know, racism, to you know, climate change, to lots of things. It's interesting, it's interesting and I think, like you said, they need to be understood, they need to be valued, nurtured and they think they can do a lot for, you know, for the world and workplaces. And Yeah, exactly. So, you know, I'm on a mission, Adam. I am here to help that generation discover their leadership potential, you know, so they can own it, take the lead, you know, educate and advocate for this generation, you know, as a leadership coach, you know, mentor and Coach Young Women with the you know, with the gap of time and experience,... they can achieve their drive, their their mission, their purpose, you know, whatever it is that they a are wanting to accomplish. I I'm here too, I'm on a mission to help in that generation, to provide mentoring and coaching so they can do great things that they're meant to do. Yeah, Sometaly, I think it's really positive and really, you know, motivating, you know, with the work that you're doing and that you are taking your time and you know, energy and interests. You know, in this generation, I think you know, a lot can be brown from that. Absolutely like we're where can people find you on social media wise. So My instagram account is leadership with Rachel Pool and I have a facebook business page that's the same, leadership with Rachel Pool, and so I am I will be having a group program for the Gen z women and it's going to be an August. It's leadership potential. Own it and take the lead, and so that would be something that I will be starting to promote and talk to that Jen, you know, to Genz women about enrolling in that program. Awesome, and I'll all I'll promote that for you and I'll share that with with this podcast as well, and I'll tell you. Thank you, Adam. It was such a great pleasure speaking with you. It's always a pleasure to follow you on social media. You know, I wish you the best as well. I will also do the same in return, you know, helping win another, grow our businesses and accomplish, you know, our mission and what we want to to do an entrepreneurship. Yeah, no, you're very, very welcome and you know, I really, I really appreciate it. Really merely means a lot and you know, I'm humble to have you on and I'm really good, but I'm really proud that, you know, we could talk about, you know, generations at and it's really great to connect to you and you know, wish you were the best too and what you're doing. Likewise, thank you so much, Adam. No, no, you're very welcome. You Take Care, you have a you have a great day. What do you too.

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